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How the original Titanic disaster affected the entertainment world – Variety


Like the disaster that inspired the titans’ name and journey, last week’s diving disaster took over the world. Millions waited with bated breath for the fate of the submarine’s five passengers. On Friday, after a six-day search, the Coast Guard confirmed that it had found the wreckage of the submarine consistent with a “catastrophic implosion” just 1,600 feet from the wreck. Titanic itself.

During that time, the missing submarine dominated the news cycle, generating thousands of tweets, headlines and trending topics.An Enterprising UK Network Commissioned and Aired a Documentary Before Titan Was Discovered Deep Sea Exploration on Submarines while going to the titanic Netflix faces backlash Bringing James Cameron’s 1997 feature film about the original disaster back to the streaming service (sources say the timing is pure coincidence).

In 1912, the year the Titanic sank, there was no Twitter or Netflix, but the scale of the disaster — especially the devastating loss of life — meant that even in pre-internet worlds, it dominated Conversations and headlines…incl. type.

April 20, 1912 — just five days after the ship hit the iceberg — type “This horrific maritime disaster casts a pall over everything in the entertainment industry,” reported that week’s Page 4. The unsigned report also identified various industry figures on board, including prominent Broadway producer Henry B. Harris and even Benjamin Guggenheim’s sister “passed out” in the music hall. Learned about his brother’s tragic fate.

Check typeOriginal report by , first published over 111 years ago…

Titanic terror attack casts shadow over theaters

The entertainment facilities are affected by the terror of the sea, and normal conditions cannot be seen within a week.Many cancel sailing bookings

The horrific marine disaster has cast a pall over everything in the entertainment world this week, and the gloom, far from lessening, has intensified as more details emerged. Commercial activities of all kinds have been effectively suspended, and theater attendance at all levels has been severely affected. The first half of the week featured a variety of musical and comedic performances that were unlikely to inspire any spontaneous humor, much of the nature of the funeral.

On Monday night at the Winter Gardens, all boxes were donated by management to some worthy charities. In one sat the sister of Benjamin Guggenheim, one of the passengers on the ill-fated Titanic. In the afternoon, after the Titanic was towed to Halifax following false reports from the White Star Line, she was assured that everything was in order. Halfway through the show, the male members of the box party came out for a drink. When they returned, one, with almost inexcusable stupidity, brought the young woman some information about her brother’s possible fate. As almost everyone else could have predicted, she immediately fell into a blackout, nearly sparking a panic in the concert hall.

Between the first and second acts of “Girls on Wall Street” at the Cohan Theater on Monday night, people walking out saw the announcement in front of the New York Times building. On their return, they freely told the rest of the audience in horrific detail, and the rest of the performance fell into a near-death silence.

Without a doubt, the saddest figure in theaters on Tuesday was Henry B. Harris’ father, William Harris, who was taken out of town by his friends. He was found wandering the streets in a trance. For anyone familiar with the friendship between father and son, any rumors about the father would be accepted without surprise.

Besides Henry B. Harris, the only known theatrical character on the Titanic was Charles Williams, who was said to be the former dance partner of “Hello George” John Scott. He was reportedly one of the survivors in the second cabin.

Dr. Frauenthal and his wife, who were on their honeymoon, were among the survivors. The doctor was a well-known New Yorker, popular in theater circles.

After learning of the sinking of the Titanic, shipping agencies began to cancel orders. Sea travel is expected to be very minimal this season, with only those crossing on business.

Several theater figures who have booked venues have yet to decide whether to go. Many said they would cancel their trips and head to the mountains or seaside instead.

Stories of survivors and other harrowing narratives of grief will continue to fill newspapers next week, with theater attendance and appreciation expected to continue to suffer until the horrific horror of the Titanic begins to wane.

Earlier this week, at a “Tiny Times” vaudeville venue, there was a show in front of water droplets representing the deck of a steamship. The unintentional reminder of the Titanic becomes painful, and few notice its turn on stage.


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