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How to Watch Yellow Jackets Season 2

Showtime’s Top Series yellow jacket Coming back for season 2. For anyone who doesn’t know, the show is about a high school football team in the ’90s whose plane crashes on its way to the Nationals. They were stranded for 14 months and not everyone survived. The show follows the girls before, during and after their life-changing events, and uncovers many mysteries along the way. add, show music Very memorable.

That’s not even a star. Melanie Lynskey and Christina Ricci played two different grown-up versions of teens, and stars like Ella Purnell, Courtney Eaton (Courtney Eaton) and other up-and-coming actresses, shout sixof Jasmin Savoy-Brown makes up younger versions of the other characters.According to Showtime, the show is a certified hit, taking the crown as the second-biggest streaming series in the history of the premium network type.

Season 1 just gave us a taste of the wild, amazing and weird experiences the girls had in the woods and all that happened to them as adults. There are still a lot of unanswered questions like who survived the crash and who didn’t? What exactly happened when the group got trapped? Is there really that much cannibalism? Not sure what season 2 will bring us.

Due to the show’s popularity in streaming and linear broadcasts, yellow jacket The release version of Season 2 will be different from Season 1. But don’t panic: Watching shows will be easier than ever. The following is the tuning method.

how to watch yellow jacket

The show’s release schedule has changed significantly (originally it premiered Sunday night on both Showtime and the Showtime Anytime app), and the show will premiere Friday on Showtime Anytime and Paramount+, Showtime’s Via Combo and Showtime’s new combined streaming service features. The show will then go live on television as usual two days later, on Sunday night at 9:00 pm.

Whether you’re a cord cutter or a cable diehard, you can yellow jacket Season 2.

how to stream yellow jacket

yellow jacket Premieres March 24 on the Showtime Anytime app or Paramount+ with Showtime. If you subscribe to Showtime through your cable subscription, you should use your login to watch it through the Showtime Anytime app.If you subscribe to Paramount+, you can bundle Showtime and watch yellow jacket On the Paramount+ app (this subscription level is $11.99 per month).

March 26, yellow jacket Premiering on Showtime at 9 p.m. The release structure will run throughout the season.

stream yellow jacket On the Showtime app

stream yellow jacket at Paramount+

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