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How UAE schools can prepare students for the jobs of the future – News


Students have the right to understand why they are taught certain subjects and classroom learning should be connected to real life, top official says

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published: Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 9:08 pm

Last updated: Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 9:10 pm

Given the changing nature of employment around the world, young people in the UAE should be able to explore career options not after graduation – but in the classroom while they are students, a senior official told a forum on Thursday. superior.

Speaking at a conference held at GEMS Modern Academy in Dubai, Faisal Al Hammadi, adviser to the Minister of Education, said educators and policy makers alike need to help students identify career aspirations early on.

“Industry experience (among other things) should be integrated into classroom learning – and, furthermore, curricula adapted and adapted to make room for ‘jobs’. Policymakers should develop programs to give students across the country a real sense of what is available in the market. Then , What is the career choice today, and what is the career choice in the future? He said.

Al Hammadi also emphasized that by equipping students with the knowledge and mindset they need to start a business, educators can empower them to create their own opportunities and navigate the changing world of work.

From space to artificial intelligence (AI), more promising fields and golden opportunities have emerged in recent years.

“it is known When Hazzaa AlMansoori goes to the International Space Station in 2019, and then space becomes a big thing. Space is an area that everyone in the UAE knows by now. So, what are the other trends in the future? For example, we often talk about data. How to use artificial intelligence? I would say there should be career guidance and (more) information to help students understand where things are going,” the official said.

He added that by integrating entrepreneurship education and technology into various disciplines, students will understand the practical application of what they have learned.

“Ensuring that what is taught in the classroom is aligned with real-life situations…Students are empowered to truly understand why certain elements are being taught to them…The role of education is to unleash the potential in every individual.”

Why more young workers are switching careers

The changing working environment is also reflected in the fact that more and more young people today tend to change careers.

Experts say the modern job market is characterized by rapid technological advancement, globalization, artificial intelligence and an ever-evolving industry.

Matthew Tomkins, director of student employment at GEMS Education, said: “I think a lot of the reason young people are job-hopping these days is because it’s easier and quicker to get more jobs.

“I think the creation of artificial intelligence is going to have a lot to do with that. But it’s about how we embrace new technology and how we move forward. My oldest daughter is planning to go into law. So how much of law is going to work in the future Controlled by artificial intelligence in 10 years? What will the role of a lawyer look like in 10 years? What will be the role of a doctor in 10 years as more and more surgeries are performed by robots? Reasons why people choose certain professions are not necessarily The reason why young people stay in certain occupations, because occupations[in themselves]change.”

In today’s educational context, students must possess critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, reasoning skills, and the confidence to question and challenge ideas. The aim is for students to become active and independent thinkers rather than passive recipients of information.

Marketa Simkova, partner and head of change at KPMG, says: “We’re looking for students to come in and ideally start acting. What we’re really looking for are students who can think critically, solve problems, reason, fight back, not just is to accept when we tell them something (lay things down).

“They have to come up with their own reasoning. Ultimately, that’s really important because we don’t want students to do exactly what they’re told. We want them to come up with their own methods, we want them to be creative. We want them to disagree with us, Because we don’t want to just see our own ideas. We want them to come up with new things. So all these skills need to be available now.”


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