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HULT Prize NIIT University discover Crown Jewels in Sustainable Fashion

HULT Prize NIIT University discover Crown Jewels in Sustainable Fashion

Shouts of different types were seen in the loaded occasion with a message to be set plainly. With a means to accentuate the way that the style business isn’t about glitz and requests critical change was accomplished in the correct way when HULT Prize NU conducted the ‘OnCampus Competition’ on November 8, 2022, from 11:30 PM to 4:30 PM at NIIT College Auditorium.

The subject for the year, ”’Redesigning Fashion’ ‘ made another aspect for the understudies to discover an innovative side as well as work towards making an effect on society at a worldwide scale. The groups thought of different plans to ad lib the significant part of the style business like assembling, planning, and promoting alongside significant corrections in the arrangements for labourers and workers. This was with an expectation to not just make the dress and footwear portion economical yet in addition make a superior job for the people who make a critical contribution to making and keeping up with the business in reality.

Prior to the headliner, on November 7, 2022, HULT Prize NU welcomed one of their appointed authority board individuals, Mr.Sarfraz Khan, founder, and director of ‘Devobyte’, an innovative and performance-driven digital marketing agency, to guide the competing teams in the right direction and motivated them to work in the right area to make a strong foundation for making the start-up a reality. The meeting ended up being a shelter as the understudies got a rude awakening on what edges to hone and how risk generally ends up being a definitive justification for beginning a business and making it develop. The other board members included Palak Khanna, local official for ‘Asia Pacific’, Dravisha Katoch, initiating brand promotion for the ‘leap. Club’, and Mrs. Nidhi Sharma, Founder and Planner of ‘BREATH’, gave great comments on the thoughts introduced and made scope for the groups to develop.

The occasion concluded with a group named, ‘ZXERO’ winning the competition and a monetary compensation of Rs.5000 and a gift hamper, with their splendid plan to chop down the fabric use and advance the utilisation of moderate materials to make a dress item utilising their versatile application. The group is presently wanting to make the college pleased in the provincial rounds occurring once the OnCampus round across all countries comes to an end. The board coordinating group was overpowered to have such a splendid board to direct the understudies in the correct way. Generally the occasion ended up being a triumph and the bar of thoughts and development took a significant leap from the earlier years. The primary objective of the HULT Prize to dig youthful personalities to pursue social causes was productively accomplish


Sarfraz Khan
Sarfraz Khan
Entrepreneur | Writer | Motivational Speaker


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