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ICAR General Assembly organizes webinar on ICAR Professional Program in Abu Dhabi 2023


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Webinars provide a platform to share experiences and shed light on themes and activities for the next session of Congress

ABU DHABI – The International Council on Archives (ICA) Abu Dhabi Congress 2023 hosted its first webinar dedicated to presenting the scientific program for the upcoming Congress. The event is hosted by the International Council on Archives, with the active participation of respected researchers, professors and professionals representing ICA member countries around the world.

This informative webinar provides valuable insight into the various events and topics shaping the upcoming congress in Abu Dhabi this October.

The opening address was given by Hamad Al Mutairi, Chair of Professional Programs at the ICA Abu Dhabi Congress and Director of Archives at the National Library and Archives. In his speech, Al-Mutairi highlighted the key themes that will be explored during the Congress, setting the stage for an informative and engaging event. “The hosting of the Abu Dhabi International Council of Archives Congress 2023 marks an important milestone and archiving for the National Library. The event, the first of its kind in the Arab region and the Middle East, is significant. It symbolizes the UAE’s progress, development and modernization in the field,” he added.

Al-Mutairi is proud to host this important archival gathering and looks forward to fruitful results and a wealth of innovative ideas that will enhance the development of the archives sector both locally and globally.

The webinars discussed topics on this year’s Congress agenda, namely, “Peace and Tolerance”; “Emerging Technologies – Electronic Records, Electronic Solutions”; and “Emerging Technologies – Electronic Records, Electronic Solutions”. and ‘Sustainable Knowledge, Sustainable Planet: Archives, Records and Climate Change’, which coincides with the UAE hosting COP 28, one of the most important climate change global summits of the year, along with ‘Trust and Evidence’ and ‘Access and Memory’ .

In addition to events including the ICA Abu Dhabi Archives Hackathon 2023, webinars discussing issues of concern to the Congress in a way that will help advance the field of archiving, a hackathon for university and high school students , allowing them to express their thoughts and suggestions. The webinar also underscored the importance of the Congress as a platform for knowledge and research, especially since the number of participation and research papers reached some 293 research papers from more than 80 countries.

The ICA Congress in Abu Dhabi 2023 will be held this year under the theme ‘Enriching Knowledge Societies’, providing a platform for global archival industry leaders to present ideas and innovative research, and providing a platform for experts to share their visions and ideas for knowledge societies a platform. topic of discussion. With participation from more than 100 countries, the Congress serves as a global forum where thousands of archivists from around the world come together to discuss issues of universal importance. Together they will generate new ideas for enhancing the knowledge society, and discuss challenges facing the archive and records management community and explore strategies for overcoming them.

The International Council on Archives was established in 1948 to promote the preservation of archives and provide access to archives around the world. The Council works with UNESCO, the BlueShield Foundation and other international NGOs representing library owners, records managers and heritage disciplines; provides specialized training courses, sets standards and educates the public on the importance of documentation.


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