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Importance of Education at Abu Dhabi Women’s Summit – General News

(From our correspondent Gaetana D’Amico)

ROME – Against a historical backdrop in countries where women’s access to education has been limited, if not outright banned, the world of arts and culture has emerged as an important vehicle through which women can contribute to social progress, integration and a message of peace Contribute and break stereotypes. That’s what happened on the final day of the International Conference on Women’s Leadership (Global Women’s Summit) in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), under the auspices of President Sheikh Fatima bint Mubarak Member of the organized Women’s Federation of Trade Unions.

“The role of femininity in art is so important to deliver a message of peace to resolve conflict.

For this reason, education is important from infancy and women should be more aware of their role”, says Mounya Allali, professor at the University of Oriental Studies in Piedmont (Vercelli, Italy). Today Afghan women are barred from receiving education, highlights Atefa Tayeb, former Deputy Minister for Ministerial Affairs in Kabul, and founder of Istahar University and High School. She fled her country in August 2021 after the Taliban took power and took refuge in the UK.”Afghan women were denying them basic rights, not just their right to education,” she noted on the margins of the meeting. “Nevertheless, it is important to talk about the progress and achievements Afghan women have made over the past two decades (before 2021) , and their resistance, encourage them to continue”.

“There are no shortcuts, we have to work hard. We have to strengthen solidarity among women and support each other to achieve our goals, education is the most important tool in the world”, emphasized Amina Gourib-Faki, former President of Mauritius . Hassana Nourane, an MP from Cameroon, articulated the “urgent need to raise funds for women’s education and put aside any type of division in the past to work together with men to achieve full equality”.

A comment by Loredana Segreto, Rector of the Eastern Piedmont University, highlighted “the transversal role that women play in different sectors and settings”.

“Even such broad participation reflects a real commitment and openness to women’s roles to bring about real contributions, a strong witness account”.

“Unfortunately, today in our sector we are still battling stereotypes,” commented Chantal Saliba Abikhalil, reporter and anchor for Sky News Al Arabiya. “As women, our responsibility is to work together and to do so in a way that our voices can be heard. For this reason, we need men. Not because they should speak for us, but because they should be the first A man who speaks enacts change”.

The meeting highlighted the progress women have made in many fields: from sports to politics to media, culture and music.

Some hurdles have finally been overcome, “but there is still a lot of work to do”, says Lilian Mbabazi, a well-known musician from Uganda.

“We’ve fought the battle. Now we need to look at future generations of women to make sure they’re able to express themselves more than we’ve ever done.”

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