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In the UAE, iPhone 15’s first batch is almost sold out, top models scarce

Leading electronics retailers in the UAE report that the initial stock of iPhone 15 has sold out shortly after its launch due to unexpectedly high demand, even surpassing the popularity of Apple’s previous flagship models.

Apple’s latest iPhone lineup became available on September 22 in the UAE, attracting thousands of eager customers, including those purchasing for their entire families, at the company’s outlets in The Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall.

Vikas Chadha, CEO of Jumbo Group, noted the strong initial demand, with an exponential increase in pre-order numbers compared to the previous year. Chadha attributed the high demand, especially for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, to its aerospace-grade Titanium construction.Vikas Chadha

Chadha acknowledged that the first wave of supply had been completely sold out and highlighted their various customer-focused initiatives, including buy-back programs, zero percent installment plans, trade-ins, and discounts on Apple accessories, which contributed to the robust sales.

The iPhone 15 series was introduced in the UAE with prices ranging from Dh3,399 to Dh6,799. Chadha acknowledged the initial supply constraint but reassured customers that weekly shipments from the manufacturer would help meet demand.

Rajat Asthana, COO of Eros Group, echoed Chadha’s positive sentiments, emphasizing that the initial response has been very promising, and the new iPhone variant is expected to outperform its predecessor. He mentioned that while there will be some iPhone 15 stock from an Indian factory, the majority will come from China.

Asthana noted that the iPhone 15 Pro has been the most popular choice among pre-bookings, and the premium smartphone segment has been performing exceptionally well in the UAE retail market.Muddassir Ahmad

Muddassir Ahmad, CEO of ECity Electronics, also emphasized the strong demand for the new iPhone variant, with a year-on-year demand surge of over 100 percent. The iPhone Pro series, particularly in Titanium colors, has seen high traction.

Ahmad mentioned an enticing bundle offer of a car, iPhone, and TV, priced at Dh57,999, with more than 30 car bundles sold in just three days. He further highlighted that UAE prices are highly competitive, with significant savings compared to other markets, including India, where the price difference for the iPhone 15 Pro is substantial.

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