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India unveils a worldwide biofuel alliance at the G20 Summit

During the G20 Summit in Delhi on Saturday, India unveiled a global biofuel alliance aimed at accelerating international efforts to achieve net-zero emissions targets.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in fuel blending, stating, “Today, the need of the hour is that all countries should work together in the field of fuel blending.” He proposed a global initiative to increase ethanol blending in petrol to 20%.

In a tweet, Modi highlighted his speech at the G20 Summit’s ‘One Earth’ session, emphasizing the importance of human-centric development, a value deeply rooted in Indian culture.

Modi also noted India’s efforts toward environmental sustainability, including initiatives like the LiFE Mission, the International Year of Millets, the Green Grids Initiative (One Sun, One World, One Grid), solar power harnessing, natural farming promotion, and the National Green Hydrogen Mission.

India’s goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2070 and double the nationwide ethanol blending in gasoline to 20% by 2025. Modi urged G20 nations to join this initiative and raise global ethanol blending with petrol to 20%.

He also acknowledged the positive initiative of developed countries in committing to provide $100 billion for climate finance for the first time, a move welcomed by India and other Global South countries.

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