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“India’s growth space in the UAE has never stopped, from investment to service industry”


UAE It has become India’s primary strategic partner in the Gulf region. The bilateral trade volume amounts to 60 billion U.S. dollars. The relationship between India and the UAE is very special. This can be seen from the surge in UAE investment in India or the number of Indian start-ups established in India. bay The country and the recruitment of IT professionals from India. The space for growth never stops, Rashid HabtoorThe CEO and President of Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises, one of the largest entrepreneurs in the UAE, told Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury of ET.

The strong flow of bilateral investment and approximately US$60 billion in bilateral trade each year ensure that the UAE becomes India’s third largest trading partner. Do you think there is room for growth? What measures need to be taken?
The room for growth will never stop, and we can still improve and strengthen our trade relations by improving the transparency of existing regulations and other factors. In addition, by reducing procedural barriers and supporting trading partners to comply with regulatory requirements to improve work efficiency, capacity building will greatly help gain trust and promote trading partners to work more effectively.

In the next few years, the UAE is expected to invest more in key areas of the Indian economy. For example, in the food sector, the UAE has confirmed investments worth 7 billion U.S. dollars. Can you list some other areas where India can attract investment from the UAE?
The “300 Billion Action” recently launched by Sheikh Mohammed aims to promote the UAE’s industrial sector. I believe this is an excellent opportunity for Indian talents to demonstrate their professionalism in the UAE’s industrial sector. Related to this, the construction sector will require skilled labor to achieve the goal of “300 billion operations”.

Many Indian entrepreneurs and start-ups who want to establish a base and expand into other markets have invested in Dubai.Do you think Dubai Is it a good base for Indian technology companies? why?
Dubai is rapidly becoming the new Silicon Valley for many Indian start-ups and technology companies, which paved the way for the UAE market by providing breakthrough solutions for government organizations and private companies. The growing relationship between India and the UAE has led to a surge in the number of IT professionals recruited from India. I believe they have the ability to change the UAE’s economic and technological landscape.

Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises is committed to developing, expanding and creating new opportunities for your partners. Could you please list a few areas where you are interested in cooperating with Indian companies?
One of my companies specializes in providing excellent business establishment services in the UAE for potential business people from all over the world. We guide them through all legal and regulatory processes to help them conduct their business smoothly. My well-trained team also assists in choosing the right services, from the licensing process to many other related services with unique advantages. These services will definitely help to Some companies are seamlessly established or relocated to the UAE.

Do you think now is a good time to invest in Dubai real estate? What are your expectations for Dubai’s real estate market this year?
Since last summer, I have seen pent-up demand in the Dubai real estate market, and buyers from all over the world are actively looking forward to profiting from record low prices. I believe that now is the best time to take advantage of the UAE real estate market. The foundation of Dubai has always been strong, with very attractive and excellent infrastructure, as well as world-class education and medical facilities, which makes Dubai one of the most popular places to live.

Last year, despite the pandemic, the UAE and India were closer and more cooperative than ever before. What do you think makes the relationship between India and the UAE so special?
The relationship between India and the UAE has been strengthened as never before during the pandemic. The two countries have made unremitting efforts to promote travel arrangements between the two countries to ensure that residents and foreigners will not be stranded in the pandemic. The two countries have also carried out bilateral cooperation in areas such as food safety and medical care. I think these are the two areas that require the most attention during the pandemic.


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