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iQIYI Launches Luoyang VR Project, the First Fully Immersive Entertainment Experience in Shanghai

iQIYI Launches Luoyang VR Project, the First Fully Immersive Entertainment Experience in Shanghai

Beijing, February 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — iQIYI, an innovative market-leading online entertainment service ChinaOfficially announced its Luoyang Virtual Reality (VR) project in 2018 Shanghai exist February 18showing the industry’s first fully immersive entertainment experience, which combines VR technology, IP original plot and immersive cinema.

The Luoyang VR project started with an immersive theater experience, followed by a 50-minute thrilling VR tour that brought participants back to the ancient city of Luoyang 1,300 years ago, accumulating a unique user experience that broke conceptual boundaries. Virtual worlds and physical reality.

The project marks the VR industry’s first attempt to merge different elements of immersive cinema, VR and original IP. Such as scene construction, make full use of and expand the physical space, and customize the wall and ground structure according to the game content.

The project also uses industry-leading sensory simulation technologies such as “Inside-out Tracking” technology to “built-in” props such as cars, boats, and carriages to simulate physical experiences such as strong winds, waterfalls, and ice and snow. Explosions – all within a physical space of 300 square meters. The result is a highly realistic environment that completely immerses the audience in the story.

Zhang Hang, The vice president of iQIYI and the head of iQIYI DREAMVERSE Studio said: “The Luoyang VR project marks a step forward from a pure VR experience, because we integrate real-life scenes such as costume changes and live performances; VR brings users Bringing them into another universe and making them story-shaping characters throughout Luoyang’s urban journey for a full-on entertainment experience.”

Created by iQIYI DREAMVERSE studio and marking the latest addition to iQIYI’s Ancient Chinese City Universe (iCHCU) in Luoyang, the project consists of 12 different entertainment projects, all inspired by popular Luoyang IPs.

iQIYI entered the field of offline VR entertainment for the first time in 2018, and established the production studio DREAMVERSE in 2020, focusing on planning VR projects and fully immersive experiencesSecond. ManSince then, REAMVERSE has launched a series of popular offline VR projects, and the Luoyang VR project is its latest popular project.

According to third-party data, in China, The market for offline immersive entertainment projects is growing rapidly. As a long-term advocate of technological innovation and entertainment, iQIYI will continue to use innovation as the driving force to explore “VR+” content and expand the consumption ecology of VR content.

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