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Islamists hunt down Indian Hindu businessman living in Dubai for his tweets


On Saturday (June 17), Islamists on social media decided to join forces against an Indian businessman named Kiran Karukonda for his support of Nupur Sharma.

Kiran, the chief executive of “7 Organic”, has criticized the growing prevalence of Islamism in India and its attempt to encroach on Hindu lands under the pretext of prayer and appeasement politics.

He has also been outspoken against sinister agendas such as the normalization of hijab in schools, the spit on food by Islamists and the threat of jihad. Given that some of his tweets reference Dubai as a geographic location, Islamists demanded his immediate arrest and deportation from the Gulf state.

Islamists in India and abroad have sought to paint the Indian businessman as “anti-Muslim” and “Islamophobic”.

“One of the ways to support Muslims in India is by not allowing space for anti-Muslim haters in India, especially in the GCC, such as this guy living in the UAE who incites incitement and religious conflict against Muslims in his country. Immediately The only punishment is deportation,” wrote columnist Abdulla Alamadi.

“This is Kiran Karukonda’s (on Facebook) account. Please Dubai Police take stern action against this man,” one Islamist hoped after sharing a screenshot of the Indian Hindu businessman’s LinkedIn profile.

“Living in a muslim country and talking bullshit like this. Get him out and shut down his business. People like this don’t benefit from being in a muslim country and making comments like this,” wrote another Islamist.

One Mohammed Sher Ali commented: “This guy who lives in Dubai named Kiran wants to destroy Muslims and if accepted then the government should ban Namaz five times. @DubaiPoliceHQ please take action against them.”

One Sohain Anjum wrote: “Hi @DubaiPoliceHQ, can you please investigate this Dubai resident spreading Islamophobia in India while living safely in UAE. Next, he will claim his account was hacked. His organization is @7Orgnetwork Has anyone in Dubai seen this guy??”

Congress troll “Ria” has also teamed up with Islamists to hunt down Kiran Karukonda. “His Facebook profile is still active. @DubaiPoliceHQ Please ensure this Islamophobic man Kiran Karukonda is punished and deported and denied visas from all GCC countries.”

“Journalist” Ashraf Hussain tweeted: “UAE authorities have opened an investigation into Kiran Karukonda of Indian origin for his Islamophobic tweets. The article went viral on the Internet.”

The Twitter handle South Asia Index also claimed that authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had launched an investigation into what Kiran Karukonda called an “Islamophobic tweet”.

In 2018, 28-year-old Indian Vishnu Dev Radhakrishnan was killed by arrested He was charged with blasphemy by the Saudi Arabian police.

Around the same time, Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar saw his livelihood is threatened In his tweet, he highlighted the long-standing Islamic persecution of Hindus.

Former BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma did the same Threats of death and rape Islamists edited a video shared by Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair


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