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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Israel Announces Gaza City Encirclement

In the ongoing military conflict in Gaza, Israeli forces have surrounded Gaza City, making it a primary target in their assault against Hamas. Despite international calls for a ceasefire, Israel has not agreed to one, and the conflict continues to escalate.

Ceasefire Calls Amid Mounting Casualties

Global leaders and UN experts have called for a ceasefire as the number of Palestinian civilian casualties continues to rise. Acute shortages of essential supplies like food, water, medicine, and fuel have exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Israel’s Perspective and Hamas Resistance

Israel argues that it is targeting Hamas fighters who are allegedly using civilian populations and buildings as shields. Meanwhile, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters are employing hit-and-run tactics from underground tunnels, further complicating the situation.

Humanitarian Concerns and UN’s Call

Palestinian civilians are suffering from a lack of basic necessities. UN experts have expressed grave concerns about the potential for genocide, emphasizing the need for an immediate ceasefire and calling on Israel and its allies to act swiftly.

The Ongoing Conflict

The conflict has been ongoing, with both sides suffering casualties. Troops on the ground are encountering dangers such as mines and booby traps set by Hamas. Despite the difficulties, neither side appears willing to back down.

Water as a Weapon

UN agencies have reported that water is being weaponized in the conflict, worsening the already dire situation for Palestinian civilians.

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