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ISRO shares Chandrayaan-3 images as lander approaches Moon

ISRO unveiled new Vikram lander images from Chandrayaan-3 mission, showcasing moon landing site. On X, just two days before landing, ISRO posted lunar South area photos by Lander Hazard Detection and Avoidance Camera (LHDAC).

This camera helps locate safe landing spots, free from boulders or trenches, during descent.

SAC, under ISRO’s guidance, developed the camera. Dr. K Rajeev, Director of Space Physics Laboratory, stressed powered descent, navigation, and gradual lunar surface approach as critical phases.

Dr. Rajeev highlighted mission components—lander and rover, the latter housing Alpha Particle Excite Spectrometer (APES) and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIPSE).

These instruments analyze lunar surface, providing key insights into minerals like magnesium, aluminium, iron, etc.

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