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Jamie Lee Curtis Sees Nepo Baby Dialogue as a NY Magazine Invention: ‘No Voice’

Last December, New York Magazine ran a story About “nepo babies,” the children of celebrities who later worked in the entertainment industry.The article sparked a range of reactions, from outrage to pity pure indifferent.

counting Jamie Lee Curtis in the latter category.Talk to IndieWire Independent Spirit Award On the blue carpet, Curtis (whose parents are Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh) explained why she was ready to end the conversation.

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“At this point, now I’m kidding,” Curtis said. “It’s silly now. No voice. It’s a slam article in a magazine that gets a lot of attention. They’ll probably be very happy.”

It’s not the first time Curtis shared Her perception (or, in her opinion, lack thereof) of Nepo Baby’s discourse. In an Instagram post in December, she expressed a similar sentiment about how people should be judged on their talents rather than their ancestry.

“It’s weird how we immediately make assumptions and sarcastic comments that someone is related to someone else who is known for their art in their field, but somehow doesn’t have any talent. I’m starting to learn that’s not true at all,” Curtis wrote. “I’ve adapted and been present to thousands of people in all different types of work, and every day I try to bring integrity, professionalism, love, community, and art to my work. I’m not alone. We have A lot of people. Committed to our craft. Proud of our lineage. Strong in our right to exist.”

She ended the post by asking fans to stop suggesting that she only has a career because her parents are famous.

“I never understood, nor would I, what quality it was that got me hired that day, but from my first two lines in ‘Quincy’ as a Universal Studios contract actor to my last in some 44 years Spectacular creative years without one being reminded every day of my career that I am the daughter of a movie star,” she said. “As far as I know, I’ve sailed for 44 years and my reputation of being relevant and reflective gives me an edge and I’m not going to pretend I don’t, trying to tell me I’m worthless.”

Watch IndieWire’s interview with Curtis below.

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