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Joe Rogan likes Dead or Alive, thinks Mary Rose is ‘sexy’

Joe Rogan likes Dead or Alive, thinks Mary Rose is ‘sexy’

published: 2023-01-16T18:37:38

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Joe Rogan admits he’s a big Dead or Alive fan and says he has a soft spot for one of the franchise’s female characters, Mary Rose.

In the past, Joe Rogan’s comments about video games have caused a fair amount of consternation among gamers.Back in 2020, UFC color commentators special Calling video games a “problem” and a “waste of time”.

Logan also claimed that he Can no longer play due to game addiction issues — but it still looks like he’ll be able to take a meeting or two from time to time.

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The podcast host spoke again about video games on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, where he admitted that he and his daughter played a few rounds of the fighting game series Dead or Alive.

Joe Rogan likes to play Dead or Alive

“I play, what game is karate? Is it dead or alive? It’s a great karate game. Where can you pick all these different [characters]. My daughter has been encouraging me. “

“She’s using this little lady and the little lady is fast. She turns and kicks you in the head. My daughter turned me on. She fucked me three times. She was happy and I was very upset with myself . I was like, ‘I can’t believe it.’”

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Mary Rose fights BymanKoei Tecmo, Team Ninja

One of Rogan’s assistants pulled out a screenshot of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, the most recent installment in the fighting game series, showing a photo of Marie Rose trading Bayman.

“That’s the girl,” Rogen said, instantly recognizing the character. “She’s fucking hot. Dead or alive, that’s all. It’s a really good game. So addicting.”

That’s not all; Rogen, who is an avid martial arts “enthusiast,” even claims that combat sports enthusiasts “can use some martial arts tactics in this game if they know good technique.”

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While Rogan has criticized games in the past and avoided them In order to protect myself from addiction, It looks like he can still enjoy them in small quantities now and then – and even put his martial arts knowledge to good use.

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