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Judi Dench shares update on ‘deteriorating vision’

Judi Dench shares update on ‘deteriorating vision’

Judi Dench shares update on ‘deteriorating vision’

Judi Dench confessed that her deteriorating eyesight made it difficult to learn her lines.

Appear in The Graham Norton Show, this James Bond The star has opened up about how her age-related degenerative eye disease is affecting her acting career.

“It has become impossible because I have a photographic memory and I need to find a machine that will teach me the lines and tell me where they appear on the page,” the 88-year-old added.

“I used to find it so easy to learn the lines and memorize them. I can do the entirety of Twelfth Night now.”

For more than a decade, the Academy Award winner has been plagued by macular degeneration. Earlier, the veteran actor revealed how she’s coping with the issue.

“You find a way to get over things that you find very difficult,” she adds.

“I had to find another way to learn lines and stuff, which was to have my best friend repeat them to me over and over.

A few years ago, I did The Winter’s Tale with Kenneth Branagh as Paulina.We ran Garrick for about three weeks and he said to me — I had a long speech at the end — he said, ‘Judy, if you say that speech eight feet to your right, you would say to me instead of [proscenium].’ I rely on people telling me! “

Dench, however, remained determined to pursue film work.her new work is a movie Hallelujahbased on the 2018 Alan Bennett drama on the geriatric ward.

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