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Julien Boudet’s ‘Explosion’ and ‘Pressure’ at Art Dubai, UAE – StreetArtNews

Well-respected production company San Projects has teamed up with Stems Gallery to produce a stunning art installation in Dubai. Featuring the work of renowned French multidisciplinary artist Julien Boudet, the installation includes two thought-provoking sculptures, “Explosion, 2023” and “Pressure, 2023,” that challenge visitors’ perceptions of reality.

Inspired by Boudet’s passion for Dubai’s car culture, the two sculptures pay homage to the iconic Mercedes G Wagon, the city’s most popular car. Drawing on Boudet’s passion for basketball and the iconic AMG logo, the sculptures explore notions of accumulation and compression, creating a giant replica AMG basketball and playing with Dubai’s prevalent culture of logos and piracy.

The sculptures are made locally in Dubai, adding a sense of authenticity to the artwork. They talk to each other, creating a unique blend of art and culture. “I am delighted to have the opportunity to present my sculptures in Dubai, a city that has inspired me for many years,” said Boudet. “The Mercedes G Wagon is an iconic symbol of Dubai’s car culture and I wanted to pay homage to it with my artwork.”

Visitors to the Dubai Art Museum Mina a’Salam – Jumeirah Beach Rd are encouraged to view the installation and experience the unique blend of art, culture and luxury vehicles that define the city. SAN PROJECTS has teamed up with Stems Gallery to produce a remarkable and haunting installation that gives visitors a new perspective on the world around them. Don’t miss this opportunity to see two outstanding sculptures that showcase SAN PROJECTS’ creative expertise.

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