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K-netizens disagree over expensive tuition fees for SM Entertainment’s ‘SM Universe Academy’

On March 14, it was Report That’s the first ever ‘SM Universe Academy‘ will begin its first term later this week on March 15.

As of March 14, the real estate industry reported that SM Cosmos Academy is located on Yeongdong-daero, behind Eunma’s apartment in Daechi-dong. The academy is conveniently located near Haknyeoul Station, near Daechi-dong Academy. The academy has 8 floors, 2 floors underground and 6 floors above ground.

High school students who dream of entering the entertainment industry can enroll in ‘SM Universe Academy’, a 3-year academy that provides professional training in production, vocals, dance, modeling or acting. As an alternative to regular high school, students will specialize in their chosen field, taking GED test preparation classes in place of traditional high school courses.

Each semester, the college will enroll 120 students, of which 40 places are reserved for vocal music majors, and 20 places are reserved for other majors. Tuition fees for vocal music majors are 10 million won (approximately US$7,650) per semester, while tuition fees for all other majors are 8.8 million won (approximately US$6,733) per semester.

South Korean netizens were shocked by the high prices of the courses.Netizens commentedIt is located in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu. So their purpose is clear,” “I feel like this is exploiting young children,” “They should have sent them to regular schools and then come here as an extra-curricular program,” “Wow, this academy I would have gone to, I If you are younger,” “This is for rich people,” “That’s all for one semester? It’s like a luxury class that only rich kids sign up for,” “I don’t think the academy will guarantee you a debut in SM Entertainment,” and”That’s 10 million won per semester, which is not bad for rich people. “

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