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Kent launches UAE postgraduate development program to support young Emiratis

Kent launches UAE postgraduate development program to support young Emiratis

  • The 2023 plan follows the successful completion of the 2022 plan, with Kent achieving its emiratization target for the year, growing its Emirati workforce by 2% and achieving a high ICV score.
  • Matthew Bishop, Senior Vice President of MEA Operations in Kent, said, “Our UAE Graduate Program is committed to nurturing and supporting our young talent by providing tailored practical experience, mentorship and knowledge development. This enables us to contribute to the sustainable development of the UAE and ensures that all of us People have a brighter future.”

Kent, a leading oil and gas and low-carbon energy engineering company headquartered in Dubai, has launched its UAE Postgraduate Development Program 2023 with a focus on developing Emirati talent to support the UAE’s economic competitiveness and growth aspirations.

Kent’s three-year postgraduate program currently has 23 UAE nationals and drives a flexible and bespoke approach that focuses on the development of each candidate. Kent’s recruitment team is looking to recruit graduates from official government organisations, such as the UAE Government’s training scheme in partnership with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and Nafis. Graduates are then integrated into different business functions, including operations, human resources and finance, giving them a holistic experience of Kent as an organisation.

Among the graduates is Amna Al-Ali, an environmental and sustainability engineer who has been on the program for over two years. Amna shared: “I have had the best opportunity to learn a range of skills while working on a team in Kent. As a woman in STEM and in the UAE, it is great to know that global companies are dedicating time and resources to support our professional growth and development.”

Having successfully met the UAE’s Emiratisation target by 2022, with 4% of the total UAE workforce located in Abu Dhabi, Kent aims to continue supporting the UAE Government’s aim to increase opportunities and include UAE nationals in the private sector. In addition, Kent currently achieves a solid Domestic Value (ICV) score, demonstrating Kent’s ambition to support the UAE Government’s aim to boost local capabilities while attracting greater interest from the local industrial sector.

Matthew Bishop, Senior Vice President of MEA Operations in Kent, said, “Investing in new talent is not only the right thing to do, it’s smart, as the energy transition is at its core about developing the next generation of leaders, visionaries and problem solvers. Our UAE graduate program is committed to developing and Practical experience, mentorship and knowledge development to support our young talents. Enables us to contribute to sustainable development in the UAE and ensures a brighter future for all of us.”


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Kent is a privately held international integrated energy services partner backed by Bluewater. Founded in 1919 as a small family business in Ireland, Kent is now a global customer-focused business with 12,500 employees.It provides sustainable and innovative engineering services and project delivery solutions to the oil and gas, industrial, renewable energy and low carbon industries


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