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Krohne marine continues to expand in the Middle East

The Krohne Group, a leading global manufacturer of process instrumentation, measurement solutions and services, announces the expansion of its marine solutions in the GCC region.

Recent sustainability-inspired EU legislation known as Fit For 55 continues to put pressure on the shipping industry as it looks for new strategies to reduce emissions and avoid financial and operational penalties.

“Krohne has been looking to strengthen customer service and solution delivery as our competitive advantage as it complements our premium cross-industry product portfolio. We are increasingly focused on the overall product lifecycle value of our customers, and if they invest today, they can Benefit from reduced overall maintenance and downtime costs brought on by our meticulous engineering expertise for years to come. The recent adoption of our marine solutions in the region demonstrates our commitment to the Middle East, further deepening the loyalty of key industrial players to our brand We give you peace of mind in critical situations and point to better value in the long run,” added Frank Janssens, Krohne Vice President Middle East and Africa.

emission reduction

Shipowners, operators, managers and crews are advised to take immediate action to reduce emissions and prepare for compliance in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Ships can increase energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint in a number of ways. Energy-efficient tools, systems, and techniques are used to achieve this goal. All of this is necessary to meet the higher Carbon Intensity Index (CII) rating criteria, one of the latest regulations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to meet its short-term climate goals.

EcoMATE, Krohne’s vessel performance system and fleet operations optimization software, is a complete solution for real-time monitoring of fuel consumption, emissions and bunkering. Regardless of vessel type, EcoMATE provides the complete solution needed to proactively improve CII rankings, fleet performance, bunkering and reporting while reducing company operating costs. The result is that shipping companies can fully optimize greener ship operations while complying with regulatory requirements.

Krohne recognizes that every organization is unique and has its own internal requirements. Therefore, the EcoMATE system was created with ease of use and flexibility in mind, while also providing a unified fleet solution for ship owners, managers and crew. EcoMATE can be accessed on-site or in real-time via the cloud, a shared digital platform that enhances the collaborative work experience. As a result, many major shipping companies have chosen EcoMATE as a trusted tailor-made solution. — trade arab news agency

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