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Licorne Gulf Qatar Invests Innovation with Strategic Stake Acquisition in Spendwisor

In an era marked by rapid technological transformation, Licorne Gulf Qatar has placed a significant bet on the future of financial services by announcing a strategic investment in a US-Qatari Fintech: Spendwisor, a burgeoning leader in the digital payment solutions sector. This investment signifies a major endorsement of Spendwisor’s potential to revolutionize the transactional landscape and heralds a new age where digital payment systems are not just an option but the bedrock of global commerce.

A Strategic Alliance Born from Visionary Thinking

The partnership between Licorne Gulf and Spendwisor was initiated against the backdrop of an investment symposium in Qatar that showcased the most promising financial sector innovations. Licorne Gulf Co-Founder Alexandre Katrangi shared the beginnings of this pivotal relationship: “We were introduced to Spendwisor during an event organized by the Ministry of Communication and Investment. Their unique approach, bridging the technological prowess of the United States with the strategic business acumen of Qatar, captivated us.”

Since that fortuitous meeting, Licorne Gulf has kept a vigilant eye on Spendwisor’s trajectory. The investment firm recognized the growing interest from users and industries not just within the Gulf region but also across Europe. “Witnessing their strategic alliance with MasterCard and the steps toward acquiring a banking license from Qatar’s central bank were pivotal in our decision to invest,” the spokesperson elaborated.

Aligning Missions for a Common Goal

The ethos and strategic direction of Spendwisor align perfectly with Licorne Gulf’s mission. “Our expertise in fostering growth aligns us perfectly to support Spendwisor’s ascent to international prominence,” stated Mrs Irina Duisimbekova, Founder and President. This alignment transcends mere financial investment; it reflects a deep-seated belief in shared values and objectives that both parties hold.

The Path to Investment: A Journey of Due Diligence

Before making the investment, Licorne Gulf embarked on an extensive due diligence process. The spokesperson described the process: “Our three-year acquaintance with Spendwisor has allowed us to build a relationship rooted in directness and positivity with its founders. This relationship provided us with intimate insights into Spendwisor’s economic health, technological advancements, and business acumen.”

Mrs Irina Duisimbekova & Mr Safarudheen Farook at signature ceremony – Qatar Financial Center – Doha – November 2023
Mrs Irina Duisimbekova & Mr Safarudheen Farook at signature ceremony – Qatar Financial Center – Doha – November 2023

Synergy and Collaboration: Defining the Partnership

The partnership between Licorne Gulf and Spendwisor is defined by well-established roles, leveraging each company’s respective strengths. “Spendwisor will helm the technical development and integration with the global digital payment ecosystem, while Licorne Gulf will focus on structuring their future investments and financial strategies,” explained the Licorne Gulf representative.

Expanding Horizons: Licorne Gulf’s Global Touch

With over 27 years of experience in nurturing business growth across various markets, Licorne Gulf is well-positioned to amplify Spendwisor’s expansion plans. “Our extensive track record of establishing presences in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Switzerland, and the UK equips us to bring a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to Spendwisor, offering them unparalleled opportunities for partnerships and capital growth on a global scale,” shared Mr Safarudheen Farook

Setting Ambitious Targets

The investment is strategically aimed at positioning Spendwisor as leading Fintech. “This investment is a keystone in our long-term strategic plan, which focuses on supporting cutting-edge technology and fintech solutions that are indispensable for companies gearing up for public listings,” detailed  Mr Safarudheen Farook; Spendwisor Co-Founder and CEO.

Integration and Management: A Proactive Approach

As Spendwisor integrates into Licorne Gulf’s portfolio, there is a strategic focus on identifying and cultivating synergies within the fintech sector. “We are committed to exploring the fintech landscape, seeking out innovative opportunities that Spendwisor can capitalize on,” the spokesperson stated. In its advisory capacity, Licorne Gulf will provide strategic guidance on market decisions and financial management, aiming to steer Spendwisor towards sustainable growth and success.

Fostering a FinTech Revolution

Mrs Irina Duisimbekova & Mr Safarudheen Farook– Qatar Financial Center Nov 2023 licorne gulf
Mrs Irina Duisimbekova & Mr Safarudheen Farook– Qatar Financial Center Nov 2023.

With this strategic investment, Licorne Gulf holding, a Family dedicated Investment Company based out of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Switzerland and UK reasserts its dedication to nurturing innovation within the fintech space. The firm is confident in Spendwisor’s capability to redefine the realm of digital payment solutions. This joint venture is expected to be a landmark development in financial technology, potentially setting new industry standards and opening up a myriad of possibilities for consumers and businesses alike.

In conclusion, the partnership between Licorne Gulf and Spendwisor is a powerful illustration of strategic investment aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. It underscores a belief in the transformative power of technology and the role it plays in shaping the future of financial transactions. As Spendwisor embarks on its journey with the support of Licorne Gulf, the fintech industry looks on with anticipation, ready to witness the next wave of innovation in digital payment solutions.

Find Licorne Gulf on https://www.licorne-gulf.com/ 

Find Spendwisor on https://spendwisor.app/ 

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