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Liminal becomes a certified wallet infrastructure platform

Liminal, a leading wallet infrastructure platform, has announced it has achieved Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) Qualified Security Provider (QSP) Level 3 certification. This makes it one of only two digital asset qualified service providers to achieve this level.

The Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) is a standard for securing encrypted currency systems. It aims to complement existing information security standards by introducing security best practice guidance on cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency and cybersecurity experts including Andreas M Antonopopulous, Michael Perklin, Petri Basson, Jameson Lopp, and S Dirk Anderson drew on their years of security and encryption experience to develop the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS).

Security and Availability

With CCSS, companies and products can have their systems evaluated by third parties to ensure a balance between security and usability, enabling users to make informed decisions about the companies and products they want to use.

The CCSS certification and audit process is led by Marc Krisjanous, IT Security Consultant and CCSS Auditor at Confide Limited. Liminal’s CCSS-QSP Level 3 certification was obtained through a rigorous, audited security review process that tested the platform’s security protocols, operational processes and infrastructure.

The certification also requires Liminal to implement a comprehensive set of security measures to protect user data, funds and transactions, including Liminal Hot Wallet, Warm Wallet and Cold Wallet, Liminal Secure Transfer Environment, Liminal Authorization Workflow, Liminal Auto-Recharge Engine, Liminal EVM Cost Saver Workflow and Threshold Policy Engine.

safety standard

Manan Vora, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Operations at Liminal, said: “Liminal’s CCSS-QSP Level 3 certification is a testament to the platform’s commitment to provide our users with the highest levels of security and compliance. CCSS-QSP Level 3 certification is widely recognized Considered the highest security standard for cryptocurrency and wallet infrastructure. It ensures Liminal follows best practices to keep its users and their funds safe.”

He added: “With this accreditation, Liminal has established itself as an expert in self-custody and security. It will also help us increase the ‘trust’ factor with external stakeholders including customers, regulators, etc. .Additionally, we will now be able to help our clients achieve CCSS certification, fostering a safer digital asset market.”

Jessica Levesque, Executive Director of the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4), said: “Since its inception in 2014, C4 has been setting the standard for industry players and operators. The CCSS audit is unique in that it not only considers the technology itself but also interviews Relevant personnel, inspection of system configuration, and security controls in place. Our goal at C4 is to safeguard the interests of our users by maximizing the confidentiality of private keys and ensuring the integrity of cryptocurrency funds. We are pleased with Liminal’s wallet Infrastructure Systems achieved CCSS-QSP Level 3 because we share the same ethos: Trust Don’t; Verify”.

Marc Krisjanous, IT Security Consultant at Confide and CCSS Auditor responsible for the Liminal audit, said: “Confide is pleased to verify that Liminal meets every CCSS Level 3 requirement and is the second CCSS certified system in the world. Liminal’s personnel, protocol and technical aspects were audited and it was found that Liminal exceeded the required CCSS Level 3 standards.” — trade arab news agency

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