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Live Nation Entertainment Announces Support for Fair Ticketing Act


Fans and artists who insist on ticket reform:

Artists make their music and their concerts. They should also decide the ticketing rules to be fair.

Angel, February 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fans mean everything to artists, and the best way to ensure fans of live music have a fair ticketing experience is to give more control to the artists themselves.

Artists should determine resale rules.
Protect the ability of artists to use face value exchange and limited transfers, keep pricing low for fans, and prevent scalpers from exploiting fans.

Make the sale of speculative tickets illegal.
Scalpers use deception to lure fans into paying more or buying tickets that sellers don’t even have – which confuses fans and should be banned.

Expand the Robotics Act.
Policymakers should expand the scope of the BOTS Act and strengthen enforcement to stop those breaking the law, defrauding artists and fans in the process.

Crack down on resale sites that are havens for scalpers.
With resale sites turning a blind eye to illegally obtained tickets, allowing ticket flipping, and flouting the rules for artists, policymakers need real consequences to curb their bad behavior.

Comprehensive pricing is mandated nationwide.
Avoid surprises at checkout and give fans the ability to easily compare prices as they shop by enforcing all-inclusive pricing that shows full out-of-pocket costs and fees for tickets up front.

We’ve followed many of these common-sense policies and are ready to make more changes, but we can’t do it alone. We need the entire industry and policymakers to stand up for fans and artists.

Resales run away with the loot…and the law
To protect fans, laws need to protect artists’ control over tickets

Advocating for FAIR ticketing policies has never been more important as artists are actively losing their ability to control tickets in states across the country — which is hurting fans and helping scalpers.

Six states have passed legislation protecting resale:
New York

Six more states are considering new laws to protect resale:
New Jersey

Why is it important?
Scalper lobbyists use terms like “freedom for fans” to sound like they’re looking out for consumers — but unlimited resale protects scalpers more than fans. Programs such as face value exchanges between fans are specifically designed to ensure that fans still have maximum flexibility when buying tickets, but ticket prices are still set by the artist. Out-of-control resale laws make such procedures illegal.

How to solve?
To truly protect consumers, Congress should enact a federal law to support artists’ ability to control tickets. Together we can create a FAIR system that benefits everyone.

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