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Logan Paul Invites Coffeezilla to Explain the CryptoZoo “Scam” on IMPAULSIVE

Logan Paul Invites Coffeezilla to Explain the CryptoZoo “Scam” on IMPAULSIVE

published: 2022-12-27T03:27:33

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Logan Paul and Stephen ‘Coffeezilla’ Findeisen continue to spar over the latter’s investigative series on CryptoZoo, an NFT project backed by YouTube sensation and labeled a “scam.” Paul reveals that he invited Coffee to join his podcast IMPULSIVE to clear the air, but the investigator won’t budge unless his terms are met.

Coffeezilla has found his next cryptocurrency target in Logan Paul.

The YouTube superstar is heavily involved in NFT projects during the 2021 boom, but sleuths are labeling them all “scam’ ⁠—he claims that the largest of these is Crypto Zoo Game.

In a series of videos and over an hour of content dedicated to “Investigating Logan Paul’s Biggest ScamPaul said and promised “All bad actors will be exposed, explained and held fully accountable

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Paul claimed that Coffeezilla’s investigative work was “not true at all,” but the YouTuber countered that he detailed a lengthy process to get an explanation from him.

That included texting Logan’s manager in October, as well as a spate of emails and comments before the video finally went live in mid-December.

“Choosing to respond now is not ‘appropriate’ as Logan claims, it’s just old-fashioned damage control,” He said on December 23.

However, Paul still insisted on clearing himself, even Invited Findeisen to join his IMPAULSIVE podcast on January 3rd to discuss CryptoZoo ⁠— All fees paid. It was an invitation, which Coffeezilla claimed he would decline unless it was done on his terms.

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“I am saddened to see you trying to discredit my work as I have reached out in good faith many times,” coffee says in email The day before Logan sent out the invitation on December 25th. “If you have nothing to hide, it should be obvious.”

After Paul’s open invitation, which some saw as a way to pressure Coffeezilla to appear on a podcast, Findeisen said, “I’d love to fly Logan down or live stream it, but I wouldn’t be flying it on New.” His CryptoZoo tax haven years.”

Coffee pledged to donate all proceeds to “CryptoZoo Victims” of any live stream with Logan Paul.

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Logan Paul has previously been criticized for heavily investing in numerous crypto and NFT projects.he has been Accused of participating in a “pump and dump” schemethe star denied it.

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