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Longevity Studies reveal: Life Expectancy in UAE Rises by 2.2 Years.

Longevity Studies In a significant development, results from the inaugural phase of the Longevity 1.0 trials reveal a noteworthy rise of 2.2 years in the average life expectancy of over 100 UAE residents. Launched by healthcare group PureHealth in October last year, the Longevity 1.0 trials set a groundbreaking goal of adding up to 25 years to participants’ average life expectancy over the next 50 years.

Healthier Lifestyles Yield Positive Outcomes

The positive outcome stems from a holistic approach involving exercise and a healthier diet, all conducted under clinical supervision. Participants demonstrated improved biomarkers, coupled with a 25% increase in physical activity. Notably, the number of participants at risk of diabetes reduced from nine to three after the 90-day period, with the most active group experiencing an average weight loss of 3.5 kg.

Ambitious Goals for a Healthier Future: Longevity Studies

PureHealth, as the UAE’s largest integrated healthcare platform, initiated this campaign with the ambitious target of elevating the average life expectancy to 101 years. The approach integrates futuristic concepts such as personalized smart coaching, digital twins, and artificial intelligence.

Global Recognition for Healthcare Innovation: Longevity Studies

Dr. Asma Al Mannai, Executive Director of the Research and Innovation Centre at the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, underscores the global recognition of Abu Dhabi as a hub for healthcare innovation through groundbreaking initiatives like the Longevity trials.

Addressing Aging as an Epidemic: Longevity Studies

Farhan Malik, Managing Director of PureHealth, emphasizes the importance of addressing aging as an epidemic, focusing not just on extending lifespans but also on elongating health spans.

Current Status and Global Comparisons: Longevity Studies

Presently, the life expectancy in the UAE hovers around 76 years, with PureHealth’s vision aiming to extend it by 25 years to reach 101 years. According to Worldometers, the average life expectancy in the Emirates for 2023 is reported as 80.46 years. Globally, regions like Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Switzerland, and Singapore boast the highest life expectancies, ranging from 85.83 to 84.27 years.

Longevity 2.0 Trials: Advancing Health for a Longer, Happier Life

Launched in 2023 with over 3,000 participants, the Longevity 2.0 trials seek to combat age-related diseases and enhance the period of life spent in good health. Dr. Erik Koornneef, Director of Research and Innovation at PureHealth, expresses the ambition to transform Abu Dhabi into a blue zone city—a region where people live longer compared to the global average. With an average improvement of 26 months in the biological age of participants during the first phase, PureHealth is optimistic about the continued success of the Longevity 2.0 trials.

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