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Cartier’s Designs Unveiled: Louvre Abu Dhabi Exhibition Explores Islamic Art Influence

Louvre Abu Dhabi is hosting a groundbreaking exhibition, ‘Cartier, Islamic Inspiration and Modern Design,’ delving into the profound influence of Islamic art and architecture on Cartier’s iconic creations. The immersive showcase, spanning over a century of artistic influence, presents more than 400 works from Louvre Abu Dhabi, partner museums, the Cartier Collection, and private collections. Inaugurated by Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of Louvre Abu Dhabi, the exhibition runs from November 16 to March 24.

Exploring Cross-Cultural Impact

Exhibition curators, Judith Henon-Raynaud and Evelyne Posseme, highlight the extensive research undertaken to reveal the links between Cartier creations and Islamic art. The showcase offers a journey through the sources inspiring some of Cartier’s most innovative jewellery pieces.

A Century of Artistic Influence: Louvre Abu Dhabi

At the turn of the 20th century, the display showcases how major exhibitions dedicated to Islamic art influenced the development of a true Persian fashion in Paris. Louis Cartier’s personal collection of Islamic art, initiated in the 1910s, became a wellspring of inspiration for Maison Cartier’s designers, paving the way for modern artistic expression.

Captivating Displays and Digital Spaces

The exhibition features a diverse array of items, from wooden carved ivory panels to glass vessels shaped like mosque lamps. The Cartier Collection lends unique works, including a cigarette case, a vanity case inspired by Iznik ceramics, a Hindu necklace, and a tiara. A temporary exhibit incorporates digital spaces with large animations and ‘infinity rooms,’ offering visitors captivating visual experiences.

Cultural and Educational Program

Alongside the exhibition, a comprehensive cultural and educational program includes talks with curators, documentary film screenings, guided tours, masterclasses, a family weekend, and an activity booklet.

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