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“Lucky Draw Winners: Holiday Aspirations of UAE Residents Dashed as Travel Company Vanishes After Deceptive Scam”

Lucky Draw Winners Dubai resident Sneha and her son received a call from Apollo Times Travel, claiming they had won a free gift in a “lucky” draw at an event in Dubai Creek. Excitement turned into disappointment as the promised prize led them to Apollo’s Karama office, where an aggressive sales pitch resulted in them signing up for a Dh40,000 time-share package.

Broken Promises and Financial Loss

The enticing platinum package promised an all-expenses-paid trip to the US for eight family members. Similar tactics affected others, such as Sivanagaraja and his wife Sowmya, who invested Dh28,000 in a gold membership for a world tour. However, last Saturday, residents seeking answers found Apollo’s office closed, with the company disappearing and leaving victims with collective losses exceeding a million dirhams.

Growing Frustration Among Victims: Lucky Draw Winners

Shocked victims, including Dipesh, Mohit Rajpal, Arup Dutta, and others, shared their harrowing experiences. Promised trips to Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Umrah never materialized, leading to growing frustration.

Legal Hurdles and Vanished Culprits: Lucky Draw Winners

Despite Dubai Police recommending legal action, victims express hesitancy due to associated costs. The company’s commercial license had expired, and credit card payments were billed to unexpected sources, adding complexity to uncovering the masterminds behind the scam.

Rising Trend of Timeshare Scams

Timeshare scams, a growing trend, have plagued residents in recent years. Victims reveal a pattern of unexpected calls, high-pressure sales tactics, and promises of lifetime memberships, leading to empty assurances and financial losses.

Call for Increased Vigilance: Lucky Draw Winners

As victims attempt to recover their money, the situation underscores the need for increased vigilance against such deceptive practices in the travel industry. The experiences of these residents serve as a cautionary tale for others in the community.

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