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Magnitude 6 quake shakes Indonesia’s Maluku


A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck Indonesia’s eastern Maluku province on Sunday morning. Media reports quoted the National Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics as saying the quake’s epicenter was 154 kilometers northwest of Kepulauan Tanimbar district at a depth of 153 kilometers.

Indonesia is located in the seismically active Pacific Rim volcanic belt, where the tectonic plates meet and earthquakes are frequent. However, it has been reported that no material damage has been reported so far.

7.3-magnitude earthquake hits Sumatra

In April, a devastating magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit Indonesia’s earthquake-prone island of Sumatra. The quake triggered a tsunami warning from the country’s geophysical agency. Subsequent aftershocks were recorded, some of them measuring around magnitude 4.

The quake’s epicenter was off the west coast of Sumatra. Local authorities quickly issued tsunami warnings, urging residents in affected areas to evacuate from shore. However, after a few hours, the warning was lifted.

pacific ring of fire

The Pacific Rim of Fire is a major region in the Pacific Basin that is home to numerous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is a horseshoe-shaped region that stretches for about 40,000 kilometers (25,000 miles) and includes the coasts of several countries, including the west coasts of North and South America, the east coast of Asia, and islands in the western Pacific Ocean.

The region is characterized by intense tectonic activity due to the movement and collision of several lithospheric plates. The region lies on the boundaries of several tectonic plates, including the Pacific, North American, Eurasian, and Philippine Sea plates, among others.

These plates interact in various ways, such as subduction (where one plate is forced beneath another) or collisions, resulting in seismic activity.

This tectonic activity leads to frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and the formation of ocean trenches, volcanic arcs, and mountains.

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The area is home to many active volcanoes, including notable ones such as Mount St. Helens in the United States, Mount Fuji in Japan and Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines.

Because of its geological activity, the Pacific Ring of Fire is prone to natural disasters, including tsunamis from undersea earthquakes. The high concentration of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the region has had a major impact on the geology, climate and population of the countries within it.

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