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Mayweather double boxing? Abu Dhabi fight?Rumors of Pacquiao’s return boil again

As rumors of Manny Pacquiao’s return to the ring resurface, MP Promotions president Sean Gibbons says the Filipino boxing legend “wants to fight” and “feels like he can do it at the highest level”

MANILA, Philippines – As they say, first love never dies, and manny pacquiaoThe love of boxing may just be eternal fate at this point.

more than a year after he left officially retired Beginning in the ring, the living legend’s name is still swirling in the boxing rumor mill for possible big bouts, including a tag-team exhibition match against old rival Floyd Mayweather as well as in Abu Dhabi. than a properly sanctioned contest held.

On Tuesday, March 14, MP Promotions president Sean Gibbons retweeted a photo of Pacquiao teaming up with Filipino-British influencer Salter Papi against Mayweather and American rapper KSI.

Pacquiao and Mayweather are no strangers to exhibition fights in a sport that is now rife with — or some would say obsessed with — gimmicks that attract huge sums of money.Pacquiao already has three such fights in 2022 alone, the biggest of which is Unanimous decision over YouTuber DK Yoo.

As the boxing world buzzes about this intriguing clash of personalities, another bout is reportedly in the works, pitting Pacquiao against the undefeated Conorburn, the 26-year-old British boxer using Banned from racing in his home country after taking performance-enhancing drugs.

“Manny is the greatest player in history and he feels like he still has a lot to fight and he still wants to compete at the highest level. [promoter] Eddie Hearne agreed with him. The ball was in Eddie Hearn’s court. Pacquiao is ready,” Gibbons told ESPN on Wednesday, March 15.

“He retired for a while to run for president of the Philippines, where he came in a respectable third place. Then he thought he retired to run for president, and now [he wasn’t elected], he wants to fight again and feels like he can do it at the highest level. “

Per Gibbons on ESPN’s report, a proper fight will take place later this year on June 3, but Benn and his camp are still looking at two other potential opponents, Kyle Brook and Chris You Jr. Bank.

If there’s one thing Pacquiao fans have learned during his time in the limelight, be it sports, politics or otherwise, it’s that the 44-year-old icon never sits idly by and constantly frets to try new things.

It’s safe to say that at least one of these new rumors will end up popping up once the talks are further hammered out. – Rappler.com

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