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MBZUAI signs deal with Etihad Airways to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence


The Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) and Etihad Airways have signed an agreement to jointly develop initiatives and conduct research on how artificial intelligence can transform key aspects of the country’s aviation industry.

Signed at Etihad Airways’ headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aims to shape the future of aviation through transformative AI solutions, advancing knowledge, technology and collaboration. As part of the agreement, the two organizations will establish joint training programs and explore research opportunities, and jointly host seminars, workshops and conferences on a range of topics exploring AI in aviation.

The MoU includes training opportunities for MBZUAI students, focusing on deepening their understanding of the aviation industry and exploring the potential of artificial intelligence in addressing its challenges. In addition, the partnership will facilitate the exchange of scientific research and expertise to develop innovative solutions that enhance key aspects of aviation.

Sultan Al Hajji, Vice President of Public Affairs and Alumni Relations at MBZUAI, said: “We are proud to work with various stakeholders to drive the integration of artificial intelligence into their core businesses, reinforcing MBZUAI’s vision of advancing technology in the UAE. Aviation is a key strategic sector in the UAE , helping drive business and tourism and positioning the country as a global hub.

“By partnering with Etihad Airways, MBZUAI aims to bring the power of artificial intelligence to the aviation industry. The close collaboration is what enables our faculty, students and researchers to understand the challenges facing the field and the opportunities they see for growth Crucial. This collaboration will also provide opportunities for our students, many of whom have interned with Etihad Aviation, and our researchers to gain valuable experience and insights that will open up new areas of expertise.”

Mohamed Hasan Al Mansoori, Etihad Airways Vice President Emiratization Strategy and Government Relations, said: “As the national airline of the UAE, Etihad Airways is proud to be an industry leader. We are delighted to be working with MBZUAI to explore artificial Opportunities that intelligence presents, especially in the areas of customer service, flight planning, workforce and fleet management, and long-term planning in areas such as safety. We look forward to developing this collaboration, maintaining our leading position as aviation innovators, and helping the UAE To be the most important aviation hub in the world.” – trade arab news agency


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