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Medeor Hospital welcomes first UAE baby on New Year’s Day


  • Burjeel Medical City has welcomed four new year babies, including three Emirati newborns.

Abu Dhabi: As the clock strikes 12 and the calendar slides to 2023, baby girl Hana was born at Medeor Hospital in Abu Dhabi to Egyptian couple Asmaa Mamdouh Elsayed Ahmed and Eid Ahmed Mahmoud Hassane. The couple welcomed their third child just in time at 00:00 on New Year’s Day. The baby girl, weighing 3.220 kg, was delivered by Walid El-Sherbiny, Consultant (Professor), Obstetrics and Gynecology and HOD, Medeor Hospital, Abu Dhabi. Parents Asmaa and Hassane are on top of the world.

“We were so blessed to welcome our beautiful baby girl into the world on New Year’s Day. We couldn’t be happier to start the year with such a special new addition to our family. She has been so loved and we are so excited to see her grow And to experience all the joys of life. I would like to thank the doctors and other staff at Medeor Hospital for taking care of my wife,” said Mr Hassane.

When baby girl Hana was born just in time for the new year, doctors and nurses celebrated the unique occasion with sweets and wishes for the family.

“Celebrating the New Year by welcoming life into the world is a blessed time and we are honored to support this family. We all came together on a special day to welcome the birth of baby Hana. It was a time for the whole hospital to celebrate. Each new baby is a reminder of the hope and promise that the new year brings. The staff at Medeor Hospital send warm greetings to parents and babies,” said Dr. El-Sherbiny.

Berger Medical City

Seconds after the fireworks went off to announce the start of 2023, Bangladeshi couple Rahela Sultana and Mohamed Fazlul Siddique gave birth to baby girl Sayeda Farishta Siddique at Burjeel Medical City (BMC) at 12.08am. Baby Farishta weighs 2.630 kg and is the third child in the family. She was delivered by Dr Ritu Nambiar, BMC Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist.

The overjoyed parents thanked the Almighty for his blessing and BMC staff for their support throughout the pregnancy.

“On this wonderful New Year’s Day, we are so blessed to welcome our beautiful daughter into the world. We are grateful for her safe arrival and for all the love and joy she has brought into our lives. BMC provides the best service in the country One of our services, we thank the management and staff for their support,” said Mr Siddique.

Shortly after the clock struck 12, three other couples at BMC also celebrated the New Year with the birth of their babies.

Thai mother Sugynya Thai and Emirati father Abdulla Mohamed Ahmed Husain Al Ali gave birth to baby girl Lateefa at BMC at 1.35am. The parents welcomed their second child, weighing 3.350 kg.

Baby boy Hassan was born at BMC at 3.30am to Emirati couple Shaikha Abd Al Rahman and Hamad Hassan Al Marri. Baby Hassan weighs 3.060 kg and is the fourth child in the family.

“We thank God for the birth of our baby and the addition of a new member to our family. He is our fourth child and our first boy. My girls now have a new brother Our happiness has been multiplied by the presence of the little angel. I would like to thank the hospital for providing us with unparalleled care,” said Mr Marri.

Baby boy Mayed was born at 4.47am in BMC to Emirati parents. Naseema Masoud and Fahad Aldhuhoori welcomed their second child weighing 2600kg.

Dr Ritu wished all the babies and their parents well and said she was delighted to be a part of the family’s well-being.

“We are delighted to receive newborns at Burjeel Medical City on this special night. It is a double joy for the parents and for us. New Year’s Day is a special day for every family and newborns born on this day Having a baby is a blessing. Let us celebrate this wonderful occasion and wish the family all the best for the coming year,” said Dr Ritu.

Burjeel Hospital

Filipino couple Bianca Salindong and Ivy Louise Verayo celebrated the New Year by welcoming their second child at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi. Baby boy Johann Jio S. Verayo was born at 01:18 AM weighing 3.760 kg. He was delivered by Dr Aruna Kumari, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, Burjeel Hospital.

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