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Mediclinic Abu Dhabi Annual Cancer Congress Spotlights Oncology Developments, ET HealthWorld


Abu Dhabi: Second Edition Mediclinic Abu Dhabi Annual Cancer Congress Kicks off today with 18 different speakers from the UAE and Mediclinic’s sister departments SwitzerlandHurslanden.

Sponsored by Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence and supported by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, the one-day event discussed different topics and was attended by more than 250 medical professionals working in Abu Dhabi Oncology from across the UAE.

In his opening statement, Sheikh Nahyan said: “Under the wise leadership of President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, we have adopted a comprehensive approach to healthcare in the UAE. We not only strive to ensure the best Nursing is for the patient, but we also emphasize health promotion and preventive medicine to ensure optimal public health.”

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“Your conference, named after Abu Dhabi, underscores the fact that Abu Dhabi has become a regional and global center of excellence in healthcare. Under the strong leadership and guidance of His Highness the President, we aim to be a community that responds to individuals and the entire community A healthcare system in demand. With regard to the scourge of cancer, we strive to acquire the most advanced technology, detect the disease early, implement the most effective treatment and cure, conduct research relevant to our region, improve cancer education and awareness, and empowerment at all levels of society to support cancer patients and their families. Your annual meeting is certainly an important contributor to this effort,” he added.

“The focus of this meeting is’A Multidisciplinary Approach to Cancer‘reflects the latest strategies in the fight against disease. The fight against cancer just got more complicated. It has increasingly become an information-based science. Rapid advances in bioinformatics, giant leaps in computer processing power, and a better understanding of the role of molecular structures in fighting disease are transforming the medical process. Innovations such as nanotechnology, T cell therapyradiotherapy, chemotherapy, precision medicine, cancer vaccines, artificial intelligence and robotic surgery are helping to extend life and energize the fight against this terrible disease,” Sheikh Nahyan continued.

“These new treatments are far more effective than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Medicine is moving away from the traditional assumption that drugs and diseases work the same for everyone, to tailoring them at the individual level. Personalized medicine has already proven it works results. The results of these information-based, biomedical and multidisciplinary approaches are yielding new approaches to treating this disease through early diagnosis and tailored drug therapy.”

Hein Van Eck, CEO of Mediclinic Middle East, said: “Oncology is an ever-evolving and progressive field, so professionals in these fields of medicine are aware of the latest evidence, research findings and world-class cancer care for the communities in which we operate. tool. This educational initiative is also in line with our mission to keep communities safe by raising public and preventive health awareness. This conference is a testament to the efforts we have made to bring together all stakeholders in the fight against cancer and promote screening so that early detect disease and produce better clinical outcomes.”

With an unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive cancer care in the United Arab Emirates, Mediclinic Middle East has established two comprehensive cancer centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which operate in partnership with Mediclinic Middle East’s sister platform in Hirslanden, Switzerland. Patients at the Mediclinic Comprehensive Cancer Center benefit from the sharing of knowledge and experience between some of the leading oncology specialists in Europe and the Middle East, as well as access to the latest treatment options and technologies.

  • Posted on May 28, 2023 at 02:30 PM IST

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