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Meghan Markle ‘doesn’t care’ about Prince Harry’s emotional needs

Meghan Markle has been accused of being ‘indifferent’ to Prince Harry’s emotional needs.

Body language expert Nicole Moore debunks the allegations and claims.

She kicked off the conversation by accusing Meghan Markle of trying to “outdo” and “outdo” her husband.

She even accused the Duchess of using her energy to perpetuate Prince Harry’s anxiety, explaining that it was “mainly because of how much Meghan’s anxiety affected him”.

Not to mention, the duchess allegedly “provided Harry with a minimum of support as he dealt with his anxieties” sun.

The behavior was noted by analysts who saw Harry and Meghan “visibly agitated” in the car with the media behind them, as they saw on the Netflix series.

She also noticed that Meghan “takes a deep breath at the beginning of the clip,” but it stiffens her body, indicating she’s nervous.

In contrast, Harry seems calmer, with “more relaxed shoulders” and a “contemplative” mood, which matches his wandering gaze out the window.

Nicole suggested that Harry “seems to be less anxious than Meghan at the moment” but that portends a “bigger dynamic at play” between them.

Mainly because, throughout the process, Prince Harry seemed less worried about himself and more worried about Meghan.

What really turned the tide was that, in Ms Moore’s view, she had failed to get in touch with him despite her “acknowledging his comments”, despite his attempts to assure her that their friend’s home was only 10 minutes away; The paparazzi swarmed in droves.

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