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MenaLAC Commits to Decarbonization


The Mena Leisure and Entertainment Council (MenaLAC) says tourism-related activities account for around 8% of global carbon emissions, making it necessary to focus on decarbonisation initiatives.

The committee has been raising awareness among its members to operate responsibly and sustainably, and recognizes their efforts with the annual MenaLAC Awards.

Commenting on MenaLAC’s sustainability outlook, its President, Mishal Al Hokair, said: “Sustainability is a long-term commitment. At MenaLAC, we are deeply committed to building a leisure and entertainment ecosystem that is not only vibrant, And we take responsibility for how our members operate, with a strong focus on how their products and actions impact people and the planet. As a platform, we ensure we learn from and share our experiences with our members to create a robust sustainability roadmap for the industry as a whole.”

Ski Dubai’s MAF indoor ski resort switched its high-rise access system to zero-emission electric motors, improving internal air quality and reducing its carbon footprint. Additionally, through its recycling efforts, Ski Dubai has diverted 10,950kg of waste from landfill.

In an effort to raise awareness about the conservation of marine life, Dolphin Cove at Atlantis Aquaventure (a member of MenaLAC) recently launched three new non-contact programs, inviting guests to join its pod of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins on a daily basis Intensive and training sessions. These sessions not only help to learn about dolphins, but also help to do our part to protect all marine life by reducing the amount of plastic in our daily lives and ensuring the fish they eat is sustainably sourced.

In an effort to create jobs for local residents while reducing its carbon footprint, the Saudi Arabian government plans to implement a policy from early 2024 not to contract with foreign companies based in the Middle East outside of Saudi Arabia.

Sustainability financing with growing focus on ESG [environmental, social and governance] While Strategy& estimates that green investments in the GCC could contribute up to $2 billion to GDP and create more than 1 million jobs by 2030, –centric initiatives remain a hurdle.

Having said that, concrete efforts are being made in this direction. For example, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) is launching its first $3 billion “green bond” in 2022.

Knowing the heightened risks that climate change poses for every business, the MENA region is joining forces to bring about real change. The movement towards net-zero emissions is already gaining momentum, and with global events such as COP28 set to take place in the UAE later this year, 2023 promises to be the year of environmental change in every industry, including leisure and entertainment. – trade arab news agency


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