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Mexican politician found guilty of ‘sexisting’ lawmaker


Rodrigo Ivan Cortez | ADF International

A former Mexican congressman found guilty of “gender-based political violence” for referring to a transgender congressional representative as a “man who identified himself as a woman” in a social media post called for international action against ” Systemic violations of gender rights”. fundamental rights. ”

Rodrigo Ivan Cortez, the current president of the political advocacy group Frente Nacional por la Familia (National Front for the Family), spoke at the OAS last Wednesday as he awaits an appeal against his conviction.

“[In Mexico] Citizens are denied freedom of expression and their free participation in the democratic making of laws,” Cortez said. ADF Internationalsupporting his advocacy group.

“Unfortunately, I have experienced this firsthand in the case against me and the National Family Front, an organization I chair, for opposing initiatives that ostensibly violate human rights.”

The charges against Cortez stemmed from a series of social media posts in 2022 in which he allegedly “sexist” Mexican congressional representative Salma Luévano.

Cortes’ social media post was a response to a draft bill introduced by Luevano in Mexico’s Congress that critics say seeks to classify Christian teachings about sexuality as “hate speech.” Cortez’s group expressed concern over the bill on Twitter, claiming it severely violated freedom of speech and religion in Mexico.

Luevano filed a complaint against Cortez over a series of nine posts on Twitter and Facebook that he claimed violated the right to be recognized as a woman and “denied identity.”

Special Regional Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary of Mexico agree Cortez is guilty of gender-based political violence as well as digital, symbolic, psychological and sexual violence against Luevano, ADF International reported. The chamber found that social media posts undermined “women’s political and voting rights, and the unhindered exercise of public office”.

The case has been appealed to the High Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary and a decision is expected in the near future.

“Disagreement is not discrimination, and peaceful dissent should never be viewed as violence,” Kristina Hjelkrem, the ADF’s international legal counsel, said in a statement.

“It is deeply troubling that Cortez is exercising his right to peacefully express his views on issues of major debate at the moment, only to be convicted of a violent political criminal when, in fact, it is his opponents who are Chronic unrest in Mexico. Political establishment. We eagerly await the decision on his appeal.”

Luevano and Maria Clemente, another transgender representative, have become prominent figures in Mexico’s Congress for their bold treatment of political opponents.

They are members of the leftist Morena party, which is working to introduce laws protecting “sexual rights”, a proposal that Cortez’s group has publicly opposed.

“The real purpose of this process is to silence me about what every concerned citizen needs to hear – these proposed laws are advancing a radical agenda that is bad for the well-being of our society, especially our children posed a very serious threat,” Cortez was quoted as saying.

ADF International says it has filed similar lawsuit against Mexican congressman Gabriel Quadri Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Quadri was also found guilty of “gender-based political violence” for tweeting about transgender ideology after Luevano filed a complaint. He is currently awaiting the Committee’s decision on admissibility.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is a project of the Organization of American States dedicated to “the promotion and protection of human rights in the American hemisphere”.

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