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Ministry of Climate Change and Environment


dubai [UAE]10th July (ANI/WAM): Mariam bint Mohammed Almhaili, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, today chaired the second meeting for 2023 with the Union of UAE Fishermen’s Cooperatives and the heads of the country’s Fishermen’s Association. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the most important issues related to the development and sustainability of the country’s fishing wealth, as well as ways to support fishermen and their contribution to strengthening national food security.

The meeting was held at the Ras Al Khaimah Environmental Protection and Development Authority and was attended by Mohammed Saeed Al Nuaimi; Acting Deputy Minister of Climate Change and Environment; Mohammed Salman Al Hammadi Dr.; Assistant Undersecretary, Department of Biodiversity and Marine Life, Ministry; Suleiman Al Khadem; Chairman of UAE Federation of Fishermen’s Cooperatives, Chairman of Diba Al Fujairah Fishermen’s Association; and President of Associations of Fishermen’s Cooperatives across the country And a group of officials and fishermen. In his speech, Alm Khairi affirmed that the wise leadership of the UAE attaches great importance to the care of fishermen and provides them with every support to maintain the prosperity of this activity, which represents the economic, cultural and social development of one of the country’s tributary states .

She pointed out that fishery wealth is one of the pillars of national food security, and fishery must be vigorously developed in order to maintain national food security and preserve and develop this wealth for present and future generations. She praised the role played by trade unions and fishermen’s associations in enforcing various rules and regulations to ensure the development of the UAE’s fish wealth.

“As we celebrate the Year of Sustainable Development and this year’s upcoming COP28, we look forward to a sustainable model to develop the country’s fish wealth and marine life while minimizing environmental and climate impacts,” Almhaili said. .as well as fishing activities in compliance with the laws and guidelines in force in the UAE. Of course, this will be achieved through full cooperation and teamwork.” Dr Mohammed Salman Al Hammadi confirmed that supporting fishermen is a priority for the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to enhance fish Wealth sector, maintaining the historic fishing industry and removing any obstacles fishermen face.

He noted that the Ministry is strengthening its cooperation with various relevant entities, the most important of which is the UAE Fishermen’s Union and Associations, to address all the problems of fishermen and, in accordance with the Regulations Concerning the Promotion of Fishing Activities by Fishermen in the Various Coastal Areas of the Country . Applicable Regulations and Laws. He said: “Through ongoing dialogue and establishing direct communication channels with fishermen in all emirates across the country, we aim to strengthen the industry. During this meeting, a number of topics were covered, through which we were keen to hear from fishermen on fisheries issues. opinion.” We pursue many decisions and solutions to develop fish stocks, maximize their benefits, ensure their sustainability, and contribute to supporting national food security. “

The meeting assessed the current needs of the country’s fishing industry, considered obstacles encountered in fishing operations, and worked to find effective solutions. In addition, it focuses on the broad development of the marine fishing industry to ensure the sustainability of the marine environment and enhance national food security. The meeting also highlighted the importance of the fishing profession, which is deeply rooted in the unique historical heritage of UAE society. During the meeting, an update on the country’s fish stock survey plan, decisions related to fishing (Daghwa) and the “Haddaq” application project was shared.

Proposals from fishermen’s associations have also been reviewed, including proposals to ban plastic bags and replace them with boxes or baskets to help reduce marine pollution, protect the environment and reduce plastic waste. The meeting also reviewed the findings of the ministry’s survey of fishermen, to which 722 fishermen responded. The meeting also discussed the professional conditions of deputy captains, ways to regulate pleasure boat fishing, and ways to enhance communication with the country’s fishermen by holding regular awareness-raising seminars and forums for fishermen.

The first meeting of the UAE Fishermen’s Cooperative Union and Fishermen’s Association this year was held at the Fujairah Chamber of Commerce and Industry in March last year, and the third meeting will be held in November next year. (ANI/WAM)

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