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Modi’s Goal: Expanding G20’s Reach, Ensuring Inclusivity

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” meaning ‘the world is one family,’ encapsulates a profound philosophy, fostering a universal, borderless, and inclusive perspective. During India’s G20 Presidency, this philosophy translated into a call for human-centered progress. As a united Earth, we join forces to nurture our planet and support each other as a single global family.

The post-pandemic world order differs significantly from its predecessor in three crucial ways:

  1. Recognizing the need to shift from a GDP-centric worldview to one that prioritizes humanity.
  2. Acknowledging the importance of resilience and reliability in global supply chains.
  3. Advocating for multilateralism through reforming global institutions.

India’s G20 presidency has played a pivotal role in catalyzing these transformations.

In January 2023, the Voice of Global South Summit gathered insights and ideas from 125 countries, primarily from the Global South, emphasizing the inclusion of marginalized aspirations. Our presidency has seen increased African participation and pushed for the African Union’s permanent membership in the G20.

The interconnected world demands that we address interconnected challenges. The G20 2023 Action Plan on Accelerating Progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will steer the G20’s future toward SDG implementation.

India has a long history of living harmoniously with nature and contributing to modern climate action. Climate action must align with development stages in Global South countries, focusing on finance and technology transfer rather than restrictions.

We are championing clean and green hydrogen and the Global Biofuels Alliance to promote energy transitions and a circular economy. Democratizing climate action through Lifestyles for Sustainable Environment (LiFE) encourages individual choices for the planet’s long-term well-being.

Ensuring food and nutritional security, particularly through millets (Shree Anna) and the Deccan High Level Principles on Food Security and Nutrition, is crucial due to climate change impacts.

Technology, when inclusive, can be transformative. India’s digital public infrastructure (DPI) has shown the way for financial inclusion, and we aim to share this model globally through the G20.

As the fastest-growing large economy, India’s scalable and sustainable solutions empower vulnerable populations and women-led development across various sectors. Our G20 presidency is committed to reducing gender digital divides and enhancing women’s participation in leadership roles.

For India, the G20 presidency is more than diplomacy; it’s an opportunity to showcase our diversity and democratic values. It has become a people-driven movement, hosting over 200 meetings in 60 Indian cities, involving nearly 100,000 delegates from 125 countries.

Our G20 presidency strives to unite, break barriers, and foster collaboration in a world where unity triumphs over discord and shared destiny surpasses isolation. We’ve fulfilled our pledge to make the global table more inclusive, ensuring every voice is heard and every country contributes.

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