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Monet and ‘Star Wars’ exhibit offers fun entertainment for everyone

Monet and ‘Star Wars’ exhibit offers fun entertainment for everyone

what is the work of claude monet woman with parasol What does it have in common with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace? In the real world, nothing, but in Doraville, everything.

Both are located at the newly opened Exhibition Center Arts Center in Doraville, 5660 Buford Highway, and they are sure to entertain, surprise and interest even the most ardent fans of Monet and the “Star Wars” saga.

“Fans Strike Back: The Largest Star Wars Fan Show” features the largest private collection of official “Star Wars” items assembled by fans and collectors around the world.The exhibition opens on November 11 “Claude Monet: An Immersive Experience” at its new 50,000-square-foot Exhibit Center Arts Center in Doraville, 5660 Buford Hwy.

John Zaller, executive producer of the exhibition center, said the two experiences are “fantastic ways to appreciate great art and great pop culture.”

“It’s a great outing for Christmas, and everyone will find something they can relate to,” Zaller said. “We found that people visited both exhibitions with great interest.”

More than 60,000 people have visited the hub since it opened, making the company’s decision to make Atlanta its home base a major business move, Zaller said.

“We intend to make Atlanta the launching point for all future exhibits that will travel to our other 15 venues around the world,” Zaller said. “We’re excited to put down roots in Atlanta.”

“Fans Strike Back” is the result of a fan’s desire to piece together every aspect of the “Star Wars” universe, including life-size and miniature replicas of characters from each film, down to height, home and species. (Did you know that Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter on the “Star Wars” set before starring in Han Solo, and in every movie, said “I have a bad feeling about this”?)

The “Fans Strike Back” exhibit has more than 600 pieces and is owned by Daniel Prada, who has been collecting movie memorabilia since he was 10, Zaller said.

“When he was 14, he got bitten by the ‘Star Wars’ bug and sold all his other collections to just focus on ‘Star Wars,'” Zaller said. “Not only that, but he also started creating some of the objects that you can see in this exhibition, some of which took years to build.”

The Monet Experience also focuses heavily on the artist’s life, with more than 400 of his works displayed throughout the venue. It includes a replica of his painting room, an area interspersed with some of his memorable quotes.

“All I do is see what the universe shows me and let my paintbrush witness it,” wrote one, while another laments, “I’m only good at two things: gardening and painting. “

The exhibition culminates in an immersive room that presents a truly mesmerizing pictorial history of Monet’s career, with soaring music and innovative transitions showcasing his progression as an artist.

VIP tickets entitle you to an 11-minute virtual reality experience that will thrill even the most weary teenager or grumpy grandpa. One “walks through” the room, “enters” the painting, and “floats” over the rivers, train stations and fields that inspired Monet’s art.

For more information on the Monet exhibition, visit https://monetxpo.com with https://thefansstrikebackexhibition.com/atlanta/ For the “Star Wars” experience. Those who visit both experiences on the same day get a 20 percent discount, according to Zaller. The shows, which have no definite end date, will last at least through the spring.

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