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Following AEW’s phenomenal “Forbidden Door” pay show, WWE’s pay show Money in the Bank has also gained a lot of development. Thankfully, WWE has held its own with incredible matches, high-stakes performances, and even a surprise John Cena appearance.

The premise of “Money in the Bank” is two ladder matches in which superstars will compete for a contract to compete for the world championship at any time next year. The caveat is that in order to win this contract, the superstar must climb ladders and remove briefcases dangling in the air, all while trying to outwit other superstars in the game. It could lead to crazy moments and high-stakes points that some pro wrestling fans won’t want to miss.

This is by far one of my favorite WWE pay-per-view concepts, and every year is different from the last. In addition to WWE’s stellar performance, AEW Collision hosted some fantastic Owen Hart Foundation Championship matches, while Impact had a fantastic Triple Threat match.

Here are the hottest pro wrestling matches of the past week:

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match (WWE Money in the Bank, July 1)

Bayley, Becky Lynch, Iyo Sky, Trish Stratus, Zelina Vega and Zoe Zoey Stark Six female superstars struggle for money in bank contracts and chances to challenge current women’s champions Asuka or Rhea Ripley anytime, anywhere . The game started right from the start, and some of the superstars weren’t even in the ring yet. These ladies use ladders in cunning ways. From Lynch’s slamming strike on Stratus, to the sky’s lunar rush from the top of the ladder, destroying all five competitors below her, to Vega’s red code on Stark, if you blink for a second clock, you’ll miss some action. In the final moments, Lynch or Bailey seemed to be locking in victory until the sky handcuffed them, climbed the ladder and won.

Finn Bálor vs. Carmelo Hayes (WWE Monday Night Raw, June 26)

Current NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes from NXT travels to Monday Night Raw to take on Finn Bálor. Balor is a proven talent and everyone knows it, but Hayes still has something to prove to some NXT wrestling fans who may not know him. Throughout the bout, Hayes deftly used the ropes in an almost wrestler-like fashion. My favorite is his “Fade Away” move, which looks like a reverse leg drop. Balor was able to match Hayes’ speed while also using his strength for moves like gut explosions. Although Hayes lost to Balor, he showed that he has star power and that he can keep up with a main player like Balor.

Robbie Eagles vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Sabine (Shock Wrestling, June 30)

The X-Division champions are at stake in a triple threat match as part of Shock Wrestling’s Australian tour. At the beginning of the game, the three players were evenly matched, and they all kicked the ball at the same time. Sabine made some impressive sentinels against both the Eagles and Kazarian outside the apron and on the floor outside. When Eagle attempted to submit Sabine, it was reversed and he used the momentum to shoot himself out of the ring and into Kazarian. Wrestling is all about adapting, and that’s what this trio has mastered. Sabine won the game with the Cradle Shocks against the Eagles.

Ricky Starks vs. Juice Robinson (AEW Collision, July 1)

Ricky Starks is one of the most talented wrestlers in AEW. He has all the makings of a future world champion and despite a knee injury, the game against Juce Robinson further showcased his on-court ability and tenacity. Robinson delivered brutal slashes to damaged parts of Starks’ body, but Starks never gave up. Even after Robinson hit Starks with the spear (which is usually the end of most games), Starks was kicked out. Starks returned with his own spear, showed Robinson how it was done, and reeled Robinson for victory.

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