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Motorola and Logcom Provide Support to GCC Enterprises


Logom Distribution and Motorola (a Lenovo company) announced a partnership to distribute enterprise-grade smartphones and business solutions to business consumers across the GCC region.

This announcement not only strengthens the already established partnership between Motorola’s parent company Lenovo and Logicom, but also makes Logicom a key player in delivering cutting-edge enterprise-class mobile devices and solutions to the IT channel in the GCC region.

With its proven track record and extensive experience in the technology distribution industry, and the undeniable importance and dependence of mobile technology in today’s business environment, Logicom is committed to providing its partners with an exceptional customer experience and value-added distribution services.

new opportunity

Logicom will work closely with Motorola and its network of channel partners to introduce and promote the full range of Motorola smartphones and business solutions to enterprises and small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the GCC market. This collaborative effort will unlock new opportunities and advance the mutual development of the region’s dynamic technology sector.

The partnership will allow both parties to bring to market the latest innovations in enterprise smartphones, including Motorola’s ThinkPhone and ThinkShield mobile solutions. Motorola’s ThinkPhone devices are engineered to provide businesses with a comprehensive smartphone experience.

With a robust set of security and support features, Thinkshield for Mobile Solutions enables IT organizations to protect their devices with Moto Threat Defense, easily deploy ThinkPhone to end users with zero-touch, Moto OEM Config, and efficiently manage the entire device with advanced devices Group management solutions such as Moto Device Manager.

service and support

“We are very excited about this opportunity and we look forward to working closely with Motorola and our partners in the GCC to help them deliver truly unique solutions for mobile devices,” said Dr. Adamos Christodoulou, Director Sales Marketing and Services, Logicom Group. Team Committed to providing the highest level of service and support, we believe our partnership with Motorola will allow us to deliver optimized business outcomes for all stakeholders. “

Sharay Shams, General Manager, Motorola Middle East, said: “This partnership combines the strengths of Motorola’s cutting-edge technology with Logicom’s extensive distribution network, enabling us to provide individuals and businesses in the GCC with innovative mobile device solutions and an exceptional customer experience Together, we are committed to revolutionizing the way people connect, communicate and stay productive in this dynamic, fast-paced region. This partnership is an important milestone for us and we are excited about what it brings to our GCC clients. Excited about the possibilities.” trade arab news agency


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