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Museum of the Future receives 1 million visitors in first year

Mohammad Al Gergawi, Chairman of Dubai Museum of the Future, said that since its official opening on February 22, 2022, Dubai Museum of the Future has received more than 1 million visitors from 163 countries in one year.

“We have promised the Museum of the Future to welcome one million visitors in its first year, and today we celebrate the achievement of that goal and the start of a new year at the Museum, during which we continue to design a future for the years and decades to come, The world would be a better place for all,” he added.

Since its opening, the museum, initiated by the Dubai Future Foundation, has hosted more than 180 local, regional and global events, events, conferences and forums covering technology, entrepreneurship, economics, space, tourism, culture and various futuristic specific areas, At the same time, it received more than 200 media delegations from all over the world.

Over 1,000 international dignitaries, ministers, officials and experts visited the museum in the past year, including around 20 heads of government and official delegations from South Korea, Estonia, Luxembourg, China, Greece, Hong Kong, Thailand, Rwanda and Mauritius, among others.

Since its inauguration, the Museum of the Future has won ten international awards from global institutions and professional trade magazines for the quality of its museum content, future science and architectural design, in addition to achieving LEED Platinum certification – the ultimate recognition that buildings can be sustainable and environmentally friendly design, construction and operation.

The Museum also leads global discussions through the Future Conversations series, each session highlighting, discussing and exploring humanity’s latest discoveries, as well as those to come.

The Museum of the Future is now recognized as a hub for futurists from all sectors in the region and the world, serving as a comprehensive test bed for testing and developing emerging technologies and ideas. Over the past year, the museum has established a passion for investing in the creative minds of the Arab region – including ideas, projects, initiatives, studies and studies that bring added value to future products and services. The aim is for these creativity to accelerate the development of Arab science and create a better future for the people of the region.

future experience
In its first year, the Museum of the Future offers visitors from around the world the unique opportunity to witness fundamental experiences that showcase potential scenarios for the future of humanity. On its several floors, the museum uses advanced technology to map the future. A distinctive feature of the museum is the elevator, an important part of the museum’s journey-based narrative, which simulates the museum’s own spaceship, OSS Hope, to help visitors understand potential life aboard the space station.

The experience introduces visitors to the exciting concept of visiting space in the near future, and reimagining the landscape of Dubai and the world in 2071 through efforts to restore the sustainability of natural ecosystems and Earth’s resources. The journey then continues to unravel a series of different scenarios and adventures, encouraging visitors to take control of their own future.

future technology
The museum uses the latest technologies of the future, such as artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction, to initiate meaningful conversations and inspire visitors to think about the future.

Standing 77 meters high and covering an area of ​​30,000 square meters, the museum is designed to be an engineering marvel that connects the past and the future, and its architecture is completely different from the traditional museum concept to attract innovative thinkers and future-curious visitors from all over the world. – trade arab news agency

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