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Mysterious and deadly ‘brain disease’ rings alarm bells for Canadian health officials World News


A mysterious and deadly brain disease is affecting people in New Brunswick, Canada, and health authorities are concerned. The disease causes neurological symptoms such as hallucinations, muscle wasting, vision problems, memory loss and abnormal movements, according to the New York Post. The first cases were detected in 2015.

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Health officials are further concerned because the brain disease has been affecting young people.

Neurologist Dr. Alier Marrero wrote in a letter dated January 30, 2023 to New Brunswick’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Federal Public Health Officer: “I am particularly concerned about the increase in the number of young-onset and early-onset neurological syndromes. .”

“Over the past year, I have followed 147 cases, aged 17 to 80. Of these, 57 were early-onset cases and 41 were confirmed,” Marrero wrote in the letter, according to the Toronto Star. For young onset cases.

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Marrero and health officials suspect a herbicide called glyphosate may be responsible for the brain disease. This herbicide is used in agriculture, forestry and as a household herbicide.

In his letter, Marrero stressed that laboratory tests on patients showed “clear signs of exposure,” including to glyphosate and other compounds associated with the herbicide.

A group of patients from New Brunswick has been demanding a full federal and provincial investigation into the brain disorder.

“We formally ask the federal health minister, Jean-Yves Duclos, to lift restrictions on Canadian scientists and instruct the Public Health Agency of Canada to uphold the Canada Health Act and restore federal experts to participate in the investigation,” Patient rights advocate Steve Ellis told reporters. Toronto star.


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