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National & World News – Overview – Thursday, June 29, 2023


Biden says he’s ‘turning the economy around’

President Joe Biden launched a coordinated campaign in Chicago on Wednesday, claiming credit for the U.S. economic recovery. As the 2024 campaign cycle heats up, Biden praised the impact of his economic agenda next to a blue sign with the words “Bidenomics.” Biden claimed that government support for key industries such as silicon chips has revived manufacturing. Infrastructure investment has started to pave the way for growth, he said. He insisted that spending billions on programs like student debt relief would put more people in a comfortable middle-class life.

In battle for Texas direction, unintended casualty: Breaking water

A change to Texas law, due to go into effect in September, would eliminate local requirements for employers to provide workers with breaks and hydration breaks. The law does not address water cuts or other specific regulations. Instead, it prohibits cities from taking action beyond state law to regulate working conditions. The new law will take precedence over a range of statutes, including those affecting labour, agriculture and natural resources. According to its proponents, the goal of the Texas Regulatory Conformity Act is to rein in a patchwork of regulations that vary from region to region. It is expected to take precedence over a broad set of statutes, including those affecting labor, agriculture and natural resources.

Something disturbed the axis of the earth. The answer concerns us.

For decades, scientists have observed that the average position of the Earth’s spin axis has shifted south, away from the geographic North Pole and toward Canada. Suddenly, at the turn of the century, it turned sharply and started heading east. Ultimately, the researchers found that the accelerating melting of polar ice caps and glaciers changed the way mass is distributed around Earth enough to affect its rotation. Now, scientists have discovered another factor: water pumped from the ground for crops and homes. Scientists estimate that global groundwater consumption more than doubled between 1960 and 2000, to about 75 trillion gallons per year. The new study was published this month in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Protests and grief after fatal encounter with French police

In a working-class suburb of Paris, two police officers confronted a 17-year-old driver of a canary yellow Mercedes, who was stopped in traffic. Video shows them yelling at him and one officer appears to have a gun drawn. The teenager was then shot dead in broad daylight. The shooting and differing accounts of why it happened led to street violence. French President Emmanuel Macron called the shooting “inexcusable” and lawmakers observed a moment of silence for the teenager as a bystander video went viral.

Death toll in Kramatorsk missile attack climbs to 11

The death toll from a Russian missile attack on the Ria Lounge, a popular restaurant in Kramatorsk, Ukraine, had climbed to 11 as of Wednesday night, including 14-year-old twin sisters and another teenager. Ukrainian authorities said 56 others were wounded. Rescuers have been working throughout the day, digging through the wreckage of the restaurant in search of victims or possible survivors. Kramatorsk is only 20 miles from the front line and the devastated city of Bakhmut, but far enough away from the fighting to allow people to return to normal daily life.

Some Koreans Got Young Overnight

South Koreans looked a year or two younger after a law regulating how the government calculates their age went into effect on Wednesday. There are three common ways of calculating age in South Korea, but the government amended the civil code to recognize only one: the most common method used around the world. According to the Korean traditional system, a person is considered one year old when they are born, and every year on January 1, their age increases by one year. These three systems of calculating age have caused confusion and inconvenience to Koreans in various situations.

Hurricane Adrian forms near Mexico in eastern Pacific

A tropical storm that formed off the coast of Mexico rapidly intensified Wednesday as Hurricane Adrian, the first named storm of this year’s Eastern Pacific hurricane season. The storm, which has maximum sustained winds of 80 mph, was moving westward at 6 mph Wednesday afternoon, according to the National Hurricane Center. Adrian, located about 370 miles southwest of the coastal city of Manzanillo in Mexico, was moving west and away from land. The system is expected to maintain the same general direction Thursday and turn west-northwest on Friday. The hurricane does not appear to pose an immediate threat to land.

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