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National & World News – Overview – Wednesday 21 June 2023


Rescuers step up efforts to find missing ship en route to Titanic wreck

International rescuers on Tuesday stepped up their search for the submersible carrying five people that went missing on Sunday en route to the wreck of the Titanic as air supplies dwindled on board. Officials said the mission was made difficult by the vast distances the ships had to travel to reach the site and the logistical complexities of conducting a combined surface and submerged search for the privately owned 22-foot submersible, which was diving to a depth of 2 1/2 miles. complex. Watch shipwrecks. First Coast Guard District Response Coordinator Capt. Jamie Frederick estimated Tuesday afternoon that the five people on board the sub had 40 hours of breathable air remaining.

Judge in Trump documents case sets tentative trial date as early as August

On Tuesday, the federal judge in charge of prosecuting former President Donald Trump in the classified documents case ordered the trial to begin as early as Aug. 14. The timetable set by Judge Aileen Cannon is likely to be delayed by the pretrial proceedings, and the progress of the trial may also be delayed. Appears to fit within the timeline imposed by the Speedy Trial Act. In four other criminal trials overseen by the judge, she initially set a relatively expedited trial date that was later pushed back, a New York Times commentary noted. Cannon disrupted the document investigation last year and multiple rulings in favor of the former president were overturned.

Judge strikes down Arkansas law banning gender transition care for minors

A federal judge in Arkansas on Tuesday struck down the state’s law banning medical services for children and teens seeking gender transition. The case has been closely watched as an important test of whether the transitional care ban for minors, which has since been enacted by 19 other states, can withstand legal challenges. It was the first ruling to broadly block such a ban across an entire state, though judges have intervened to temporarily delay the entry into force of similar laws. In his ruling, U.S. District Judge James M. Moody Jr. of Little Rock said the law discriminates against transgender people and violates doctors’ constitutional rights.

Abortion views are dangerous territory for the Republican Party

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, one of the country’s most stirring issues has been defined by two seemingly contradictory political realities. Americans in record proportions have expressed support for participation in the process, an issue that has propelled Democrats to victories across the country. But the Republican-dominated state legislature has moved quickly to drastically limit or ban abortion. On the anniversary of the overturning of Roe on Saturday, interviews with Republican lawmakers, strategists and anti-abortion activists paint a picture of a party struggling to reach consensus on abortion policy and struggling to vacillate on the issue without alienating Screen voters who motivate core base voters.

Author and student sue over Florida law driving book ban

A group of students and the author of “Tango Maker Three,” a children’s book about a penguin family with two fathers, sued a Florida school district and the state’s board of education on Tuesday, saying that restricting access to the book is unconstitutional. The suit says the book was targeted for ideological reasons as a result of the surge in book removals caused by the new legislation. The state law, dubbed “Don’t Talk Gay” by its opponents, prohibits education about gender identity and sexual orientation. The Lake County School District has restricted access to 40 titles, most of which address LGBTQ issues and themes.

Russia attacks Kiev and Lviv with drones

Russia launched dozens of attack drones across Ukraine before dawn on Tuesday, targeting cities such as Kiev and Lviv, far from the front lines, as the Ukrainian counteroffensive had little success as Russian forces sought to seize more territory in eastern Ukraine . Moscow’s military also opened fire on rescue workers in the flood-hit city of Kherson on Tuesday, killing one and injuring eight as they grapple with the fallout from the destruction of the Kakhovka dam this month, Ukrainian officials said. Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said in a statement that unarmed state emergency service personnel in Kherson were heroes and that “killing rescue workers” in a man-made disaster was a “show of fear.”

41 killed in riot at Honduran women’s prison

Rioting at the only women’s prison in central Honduras killed at least 41 inmates on Tuesday, in one of the deadliest episodes of violence in the country’s long-troubled prison system. Most of the victims suffered burns and others were shot, said prosecutor’s office spokesman Yuri Mora. He added that the death toll was expected to rise as investigators searched the detention facility in Tamara, near the capital Tegucigalpa. While the cause of the violence is unclear, the prison has been the scene of ongoing clashes between rival gangs.

German spy agency says China and Russia are pursuing its secrets

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency said on Tuesday that foreign intelligence services were increasingly targeting Germany, warning that espionage, cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns, especially from China and Russia, “posed a serious threat to the country. “. While such assessments are published every year, this year’s report is unusual both in its strength of warnings and in measuring how much Germany’s security environment has changed in a single year. The agency said Russia’s incursion into Ukraine and rising global tensions with China were the backdrop for the country’s growing vulnerability to foreign interference, given its status in NATO and as one of the most powerful countries in the European Union.

Police raid Paris 2024 Olympics offices in corruption probe

French police on Tuesday raided the headquarters of the Paris 2024 Olympic organizing committee and other offices as part of two corruption probes into contracts with the games, prosecutors said. While the scope and nature of the probes are unclear, they could damage the image of integrity and transparency that Paris 2024 regulators are trying to project. The offices of the Paris 2024 organizing committee in the Seine-Saint-Denis department on the northern outskirts of Paris were searched, as were the offices of an independent body in western Paris responsible for Olympic-related infrastructure.

Palestinian gunmen kill 4 Israeli civilians in occupied West Bank

Two Palestinian gunmen shot dead four Israeli civilians outside a Jewish settlement in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Tuesday afternoon, the Israeli military said. The video showed the shooting at a restaurant and gas station next to the Eli settlement, about 25 miles north of Jerusalem. An Israeli civilian shot and killed one attacker, a Palestinian from a nearby Arab town, and the second attacker was later shot dead in his getaway vehicle, security officials said. Hamas, the Islamist militia and political movement that controls the Gaza Strip, said the violence was a response to Israel’s recent airstrikes in Gaza, a police raid on a mosque in Jerusalem and a military incursion into the northern West Bank.

A tourist attraction rises from where Caesar fell

For nearly a century, only cats (and the rats they drove away) roamed freely on an ancient archaeological site in the heart of Rome. They would wander among the ruins, dolling up the tourists who gathered on the railing above. But starting Tuesday, for the first time, human tourists were allowed to descend and get a better look at the site, believed to be where Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of senators in 44 B.C.The site is set in an area with four temples, rare remains of the Roman Republic, dating from the fourth to first centuries BC

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