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National & World News – Overview – Wednesday 5 July 2023


Five dead in Philadelphia mass shooting

Maybe this year’s Fourth of July will be different. The gun violence plaguing Philadelphia is tapering off. But sometime after 8 p.m. on National Day Eve, someone wearing a ski mask and body armor opened fire on a block street in southwest Philadelphia. The gunman used an assault rifle, killing five people and injuring two. Police have not yet identified the suspect, who has not been charged. In the initial report, police described the suspect as a 40-year-old male, but authorities later said they were unsure of the suspect’s gender identity and used the pronoun “they/they” at a news conference Tuesday.

Your room is ready. Never mind the picket lines.

Jason Hernandez said at the InterContinental in downtown Los Angeles on Monday that everything appeared to be normal. It wasn’t until he stepped out that his vacation plans had apparently clashed with a massive strike by thousands of hotel workers. About 15,000 housekeepers, cooks and front desk workers in the region went on strike over the weekend, demanding higher wages and better benefits. “In it, you forget,” said Hernandez, 26, who was in town for Comic-Con, dressed as a League of Legends character in a long brown loincloth and wearing a teal jewel on his forehead. . “And then it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, all this crazy stuff happened.'”

Bison return to Native American land, revives sacred ritual

For years, meals at summer sun dance ceremonies on Eastern Shoshone tribal lands in Wyoming lacked what was once a staple of the sacred ritual. No native bison existed, and the animal was central to the spiritual practices and beliefs of the Shoshone and other Native Americans. Now, the meal at the annual ceremony just this summer featured bison meat, harvested for the first time in 138 years from the tribe’s own land. Bison also bring conservation benefits to complex grassland ecosystems in which these animals once played vital roles.

Nathan’s hot dog contest finds familiar winner in unexpected drama

Minutes before the men’s game of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, fans scattered for cover when heavy rain and lightning hit the area. But when the rain stopped, the race resumed. “We will never surrender,” George Shea, the event’s host and promoter, declared to fans who stayed behind. The men’s competition kicked off at 2.20pm and order was quickly restored as defending champion and favorite Joey Chestnut comfortably defended his title after eating 62 hot dogs. Defending women’s champion Miki Sudo also won, eating 39.5 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

On Fourth of July Fireworks and Climate Change

The American custom of setting off fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July dates back to the first celebration in Philadelphia in 1777. Today, the tradition is so beloved it is almost irreplaceable. But some cities are doing so because of concerns about air quality, wildfires and supply chains. This year, Salt Lake City will replace fireworks with a synchronized dancing drone show. Boulder, Colorado is also switching to drones, and Minneapolis is opting to use lasers. Across the border, Montreal canceled its Canada Day fireworks display on July 1, citing poor air quality from more than 100 wildfires burning across Quebec.

Rockets fired from Gaza amid Israeli raids on West Bank and Tel Aviv

Hours after Israeli leaders said a massive military incursion by Palestinian armed groups aimed at rooting out the West Bank city of Jenin was coming to an end, five rockets were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip early Wednesday, sparking concerns Fears of escalating violence. The Israeli military said the country’s air defenses had intercepted the rockets. Eight people were injured in a car ramming and stabbing attack by a Palestinian man in Tel Aviv early Tuesday, Israeli authorities said. Palestinian health officials said Tuesday that the death toll of Palestinians rose to 12 in Operation Jenin, the largest Israeli operation in the region in years.

Japan Atomic Energy Agency approves release of Fukushima water

The IAEA announced on Tuesday that the Japanese government’s plan had met the agency’s safety standards, one of the remaining steps ahead of Japan’s decision to discharge more than 1 million tons of treated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean. The nuclear authority’s final report concluded that the treated water, once released, had “negligible radioactive effects on humans and the environment”. Japan’s plan has sparked controversy at home and abroad, with Chinese government officials and many South Korean residents protesting that the release was unsafe.

Meta loses traction over how Germany collects data

Meta’s ability to collect user data to sell personalized ads was called into question after the European Union’s top court on Tuesday upheld a German antitrust watchdog’s ruling that Meta abused its social media dominance. The ECJ’s ruling in the case clears the way for Germany’s top antitrust enforcer to stop Meta from combining user data collected through its platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, without their explicit consent. The decision undercuts Meta’s business model, which relies on selling targeted ads based on collected user data.

Kremlin discusses possible swap after ambassador meets reporters

The Kremlin said on Tuesday that Russia and the United States were in contact about a possible prisoner swap, an apparent reference to jailed Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, who was meeting with the U.S. ambassador Published the next day. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said any such discussions would be kept private. U.S. officials have repeatedly called for the release of Gershkovich, who has been held for more than 13 weeks on what the U.S. government and the Wall Street Journal say are false espionage charges. The US believes Gershkovic was “wrongly detained”.

Mayor says drone shot down near Moscow

Russian officials said multiple drones were intercepted in the Moscow region early Tuesday, including near an airport, and blamed Ukraine for the latest aerial incursion into Russia’s political and economic center. Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said the attacks targeted Moscow suburbs and were all shot down by air defenses. He added that there were no casualties. It appeared to be the first such attack since May, when two waves of drones approached the Kremlin and struck civilian areas. The Russian foreign ministry condemned “the Kiev regime’s attempt to attack areas where civilian infrastructure is located”.

Prominent Russian journalist injured in Chechnya attack

A Russian investigative journalist and a lawyer were severely beaten in the Chechnya region of southern Russia on Tuesday, a brutal attack in a country accustomed to constant restrictions on free speech. Novaya Gazette reporter Elena Milashina reported on a trial in the Chechen capital Grozny where she revealed the torture and killing of gay men in Chechnya, according to the newspaper. According to Novaya Gazette, Milashina and lawyer Alexander Nemov were stopped by cars as they drove through the city. Masked assailants beat them with sticks before taking their mobile phones. Authorities have not identified any suspects.

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