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NCIS Episode 450, Business As Usual (Recap) | Entertainment

NCIS Episode 450, Business As Usual (Recap) | Entertainment

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for NCIS Season 20 Episode 15 “Unusual Suspects.”]

NCIS Celebrate the milestone with “The Unusual Suspect”—episode 450—but you won’t know it based on the case, the B-plot, or any of that. Instead, it’s like any other episode, with a stand-alone case and some insight into one of the agents’ off-duty lives, just a little bit of the mix.

The case of the milestone plot is simple: An investigation into the murder of a ride-share driver leads to a nursing home where a Parker (gary cole) insists on being shabby when he watches it for his father (more on that later), and whether the victim is really as good as he seems. (Eg, the guy who killed him? Someone he agrees to hitchhike with, even though he doesn’t pass the app.) But did he have an affair with an 85-year-old woman in a retirement home that caused his girlfriend to fuck his house? No, he met the woman through an app that matched older adults with younger adults to help them act as surrogate grandchildren of sorts. But is he cheating other terminally ill contestants who left him money in their wills because he lost at least $50,000 playing online games? No, he won far more than that, and all of them were handed over to the nursing home for upgrading.

So why was he killed? He asks enough questions that the old lady thinks he’s learning about the arts program she’s running, so she asks her partner to take him out. As the app investigates, the residents of the home lose the company and help, so the episode ends with McGee (Sean Murray), Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), and knights (Katrina Act) stop and play cards with them.

Meanwhile, when the team arrives at the office to find that Parker’s desk has been taken over with flowers, they determine that it must be his birthday today and try to find presents on their desks. It was a faint celebration and luckily they left (his birthday is in November). Parker’s father Roman (Francis Xavier McCarthy) was kicked out of his nursing home because he provoked trouble, flirted with everyone and made female residents fight for him, so now he lives with him until He found a new place to live. He had to take the orchid to work because Roman turned up the thermostat.

Parker was pissed… until he got a “9-1-1” text from his dad, who didn’t answer when he called back. Then he was worried. But he found that he didn’t have to, because Roman just kept his phone on silent and didn’t know how to use the TV remote. But then Roman gets a big surprise: Parker doesn’t have cable TV (so he doesn’t have movies), only streaming. That’s true of his old place, Roman said. Parker points out that he’s the one who got kicked out, but his charm isn’t Roman’s fault, it’s something his son can’t understand because he can’t get a wife. He even wondered when the last time Parker called Vivienne, whom he bet he had cable TV. Parker suggests that he go and stay with her, or let him dump him in a sad home like Sunny Pines.

But, as they discovered during their investigation, the Sunshine Pines were nothing like Parker had described. In fact, Roman, who went undercover to talk to residents for the case, was ready to move in as soon as possible after looking around. Parker refuses to admit that he likes living with his dad (or that his dad has “played shuffleboard” with anyone since his mom).

At the end of the episode, Parker takes his dad to see his new room in Sunny Pines (wired! Individual thermostat!), but Roman is a little apprehensive about leaving him alone. Puck assured him he would survive, and yes, they would still have their weekly adventure games. Before they resume their bickering, Roman tells him he’s a good son and a good man, Parker thanks him, and they hug.

What do you think of the 450th milestone?

NCISMonday, 9/8c, CBS

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