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Nepal wickets over UAE


Nepal beat the United Arab Emirates by wicket in their International Cricket World Cup qualifier in Harare, Zimbabwe, on Sunday.

Nepal won the coin toss and called the UAE to bat first. The Emirates took 181 in 46.5 overs, losing all their wickets.

In response, Dipendra Singh Airee’s bat shone brightly as he single-handedly led Nepal to a well-deserved victory. With 7 boundaries and 2 sixes, Avery made an unbeaten 79 runs.

In the first innings, UAE captain Vriitya Aravind struck 44, followed by Rohan Mustafa with 35. Basil Hameed and Aryansh Sharma scored 29 and 28 points respectively for the team, while Sanchit Sharma and Ramiz Rameez Shahzad scored 12 and 10 points, respectively.

The Nepali bowlers showed their quality by taking the opponent’s wickets every so often. Karan KC and Sandeep Lamichane won three scalps for the UAE, while Pratis GC, Gulshan Jha and Airee took one wicket each.

The Nepal batsmen failed to capitalize on the ground laid by their bowling mates.

Arjun Saud scored just one run for 1.1 overs as he was caught on the front leg by Muhammad Jawadullah. Gyanendra Malla, who scored 13 in 8.6 overs, was next to be eliminated.

The UAE bowlers were sharp in attack as they took down the wickets of skipper Rohit Bowder, Bhim Sharkey and Arif Sheikh in less than four overs.

Opener Kushal Bhurtel, however, remained in the lead and scored 35 before being caught for 20.5.

By the end of the 21st inning, Nepal was six shots behind with a 63.

However, help from Airee, along with Jha, who scored 12 points, and Lamichane, who had 22 and was not out, gave the Rhinos a much-needed victory.

Djawadullah was the UAE’s most successful bowler, taking three wickets. Junaid Siddiq, Ali Nasir, Sharma and Mustafa each took a wicket.


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