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NetEase Games Launches PinCool, Inc., a New Multifunctional Studio for Global Entertainment Content Production


Guangzhou, China and Tokyo, May 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NetEase Games announced the formation of a new game studio called PinCool, Inc. (PinCool) as part of its NetEase Games division.Headquartered in Tokyo, JapanPinCool is a studio of industry experts with extensive experience in different aspects of interactive entertainment, including video games, film creation, live events and IP licensing.

PinCool is led by representative director and president Ichimura Ryutaro, a 20-year gaming industry veteran and longtime producer of the Dragon Quest series. In addition to serving as lead producer on games such as Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King and Dragon Quest IX: Sentinel of the Starry Sky, Ichimura has also worked on such games as Dragon Quest: Adventure Production of animation works Dai. He also leads various other areas of the Dragon Quest IP franchise, including live events and exhibitions.

also, Takashi Ogura Will join PinCool as a board member. Previously, Ogura was involved in branding and marketing, business development, and business strategy for several online businesses, including “Doraemon” by Epoch Co., Ltd., “Duffy” and “Dragon Quest” by Oriental Land Co., Ltd. : Dai The Adventures of Square Enix Co., Ltd.

PinCool plans to leverage its diverse knowledge as an entertainment production company to provide high-quality entertainment experiences to users worldwide. While it will primarily focus on developing games for consoles, the company will also be involved in planning and producing a range of additional forms of entertainment.

■ Messages from Ichimura RyutaroPinCool Representative Director and President

“‘Creativity to make life more enjoyable’ sums up our philosophy. The company name comes from the Japanese phrase ‘pin to kuru’, meaning a thought when you click. The English name ‘PinCool’ is similarly pronounced and stylized to include the English word Also ‘cool’.” says Ichimura Ryutaro, President of PinCool. “We offer things you won’t find anywhere else. Our goal is to provide fun experiences for people around the world through projects that leverage new ideas from unfettered creative freedom. We also aim to publish smaller game while we continue our big game work. I’m looking forward to PinCool’s adventure!”

■ Message from Netease Games

“As a company passionate about creating immersive gaming experiences, we recognize the important role Ichimura-san played in the development of the Dragon Quest series. We believe his commitment to quality and building innovative experiences is why Dragon Quest The Dragon Quest series is enduring,” said Simon Zhu, President of NetEase Games Global Investment and Cooperation. “He shaped the RPG genre and inspired countless game developers around the world, so we are delighted to see him join NetEase Games and start a new journey with PinCool. We are committed to creating an environment for Mr. Ichimura to thrive at NetEase Games, Explore new ideas and continue to create unforgettable gaming experiences for game lovers.”

■ About PinCool, Inc.
PinCool, Inc. is a company established in May 2023 exist Tokyo, wholly owned by NetEase Games. Its main focus is developing console games. The studio will also expand and consult on a range of other interactive entertainment businesses.

● Official website: www.pincool.co.jp/en/

● Official Weibo: https://twitter.com/PinCool_info

■ About Netease Games
NetEase Games, NetEase Inc. (NASDAQ: detention HKEX: 9999) is the world’s leading developer and publisher of video game IP across genres and platforms. The development and publishing list of NetEase games includes Knives Out, harry potter: Magic Awakened and Naraka: Bladepoint, as well as partnerships with major entertainment brands such as Warner Bros. and Mojang AB (a Microsoft subsidiary).NetEase Games also supports the growth and development of its innovative global studio in China Canada, Europe, Japan and U.S.. For more information, please visit https://www.neteasegames.com/

■ Media contact person
Li Ruohan
Tel: (+86) 571-8985-2668
[email protected]

NetEase Games
Zhou Zhaoxi
Tel: (+86) 20-85105163 ext. 57169
[email protected]

david wilson (European Union)
[email protected]
alex armor (us)
[email protected]

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