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New century entertainment venue combines sports and social life

New century entertainment venue combines sports and social life

CENTENNIAL, CO – As the Denver Nuggets battle for the NBA playoffs, you and your family can enjoy basketball games, watch other sporting events and relax at our restaurants and bars.

Jimmy Bemis and Matt Barnett are basketball social home In a hundred years.

“In the simplest terms, it is summit wave For basketball,” Beemis said. “But, there’s more to us. “

The newest crossover entertainment venue combines a variety of basketball games with great food and drink, and activities for all ages.

“Matt and I really designed the place to provide a place for the community to gather,” Bemis said. “Around traditional basketball and then new and innovative things in basketball.”

Good Company: Home of Basketball Social

There is a 5-on-5 court for recreational and league games, a 3-on-3 court with special scoring rules, and a “basketball wall” for sideline games.

“It’s just like pop-up lens On steroids, there are hoops on the wall,” Barnett said. “You have your own area where you can go and compete with your friends.

It can be as casual or competitive as it pleases, all centered around a 2,200 square foot restaurant and bar.

“The food here is great,” Bemis said. “It can satisfy any foodie. Our bar is exceptionally curated and relies heavily on local, craft and high-end produce. We offer everything from ice cream to lattes to craft energy drinks, as well as a full beer, wine and cocktail menu .”

The space is also decorated with Thomas “Bypass” Evans and works by other local artists. There are suites available for rent for private training, team building or group outings, and you can play computer games on your very own basketball court.

“You can upload your own profile,” Barnett said. “You can see your progress. You can see every point on the floor, your heatmap, etc. So, I mean the technology is absolutely amazing.”

But many facilities are free and open to the public. They just want you to give it a try.

“So, whether you’re here to play basketball, or you’re here to watch the Broncos, or you just want to grab some lunch,” Bemis said. “If you’re here for the league or the tournament. I want everybody to leave thinking, ‘That was a really positive experience’ and wanting to come back and try something else.”

They also host corporate events, birthday parties, fitness classes and live music. Bemis and Barnett hope to expand the franchise to other cities across the country.

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