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Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Consumers Increased Spending by 40% During White Friday Week

A recent report sheds light on the significant surge in customer spending, revealing a 40% increase in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region during White Friday compared to a quieter period. The analysis by the Admitad affiliate network highlights the most active purchasing categories, encompassing clothing, footwear, electronics, household goods, toys, and beauty products.

Global Records vs. Slowing Excitement

While global online sales during White Friday achieved records, data suggests a gradual decline in excitement around the annual sale. Marketplaces continue to dominate, securing over 67% of online orders during White Friday week, with major product categories experiencing notable growth.

Key Categories and Growth Trends: North Africa (MENA)

Breaking down the sales landscape, tools, toys & hobbies, electronics, sports & entertainment, home & garden, and automobiles emerge as major product categories witnessing substantial growth during the period. Cashback services maintain significance, influencing over 20% of online purchases.

Diverse Contribution Sources: North Africa (MENA)

Content platforms and online media, coupled with the increasing popularity of affiliate marketing, play a crucial role in generating over 19% of all White Friday orders. The report underscores the need for brands to assess the results of Single’s Day and White Friday in preparation for upcoming sales events, with New Year sales on the horizon.

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